Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Saving Face

On your wedding day, there's no mistake about it -- all eyes will be on you. Yes, the day is about you and your husband, but, in reality, the cameras will only be pointed your way, and your face and skin will be front and center...and memorialized on film.

Now, I don't want to sound like stupid blonde celebrity reading cue cards and touting Proactiv solution, but after having recently experienced a horrible botched facial, I am reminded how important good skin care is, especially leading up to your wedding.

Here are three tips to look your best for the wedding:

(1) Invest in Facials
At least six months before, begin getting facials, if you don't already have a regular facial regimen. Why so far in advance? This way you can find which types of products work best for your skin, and you can discover any skin allergies you didn't know you had. For example, I recently found out I am allergic to marine-based products, which cause my skin to flare up like a strawberry patch. You don't want that happening two days before your wedding.

(2) Don't Overdo the Facials
In line with Tip #1, don't overdo your facials, and don't get a facial any closer than a full week before your wedding. I think a facial once a month for six months prior, with your final facial taking place two weeks before your wedding is ideal. This way your skin has time to improve over the course of a long period of time and has sufficient time to "rest" before your wedding.

(3) Clean Your Face Well But Gently
Maintain a gentle skin care regimen. Find a collection of products that cleanses your face thoroughly but not harshly. Moisturizing is key. I currently use Aveda products, including a cleanser, misting toner (to control my oily t-zone), and a light lotion. A less pricey alternative that I like is Cetaphil, which makes both cleansers and lotions. Wash your face when you wake up and before you go to bed. Apply lotion or cream immediately after washing, so as to seal in the moisture. It sounds basic, but you would be shocked to learn how many people don't do this.

You may be wondering why I haven't mentioned sunscreen or exfoliation. While everybody stresses that sunscreen should be worn on a daily basis, I still haven't found a sunscreen that doesn't make me look like a shiny mess, so I'm not about to preach something that I don't, in fact, practice. As for exfoliation, I think a monthly facial takes care of that. No need for grainy stuff like St. Ives.

May your skin be lovely and radiant on the day of your wedding!

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