Thursday, December 29, 2011

An Indiana Jones Room at Planet Hollywood

The Cruisers stayed at Planet Hollywood, and we were intrigued by their room decor. It included actual props from Indiana Jones.
china poblano 068
china poblano 061
china poblano 064
china poblano 065
china poblano 066
china poblano 062
Apparently, each room has a different theme. How fun!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bravo to Brunch: Mesa Grill

I love brunching at Mesa Grill. I've blogged about it before, but I'm going to share some more dishes with you from our meal with the Cruisers. More food! More pics!
china poblano 070china poblano 074
china poblano 073china poblano 083
The complimentary bread basket was epic as usual. This alone is almost worth a visit.

Tiger shrimp and roasted garlic corn tamale, corn, cilantro sauce ($15).
china poblano 089

Crispy bacon and hash brown quesadilla, fried egg, spicy tomato salsa ($14).
china poblano 092

Spicy beef tenderloin tartare, green onion potato salad ($16).
china poblano 093

Sixteen spice chicken salad, goat cheese, green onion vinaigrette ($16).
china poblano 099

All egg entrees come with your choice of creamy grits or Southwestern home fries.
china poblano 107

Spicy chicken and sweet potato hash, poached eggs, green chile Hollandaise ($18).
china poblano 100

Eggs and aged striploin tortilla, grilled red onions, roasted peppers, avocado relish ($24).
china poblano 104
china poblano 106
Everything was as good as it looks. Well, except for the salad. It was a salad. Ms. Cruiser ate that. That's why she is hot.

This meal was comped.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Delectable Dishes, Swanky Setting: Sage

Our besties treated us to dinner at Sage at Aria for my birthday earlier this year.
sage 007sage 008
sage 092sage 090
sage 010
sage 081
sage 079
The space is modern Vegas. I absolutely loved my farm-to-table four-course meal. At $79, the Chef's Signature Menu is quite the bargain for a fabulous feast by Sin City standards. A nice bonus is that you have your choice of two or three dishes for each course, so you have a hand in crafting your own mini tasting menu.

Amuse bouche.
sage 017

First Course #1: Wagyu beef tartare, crushed caper aioli, slow-poached egg, crispy chocolate.
sage 022

First Course #2: Market oysters, piquillo pepper and Tabasco sorbet, aged tequila mignonette.
sage 023

First Course #3 ($10 addition): Foie gras brulee, toasted cocoa nibs, salted brioche.
sage 026

Second Course #1: Maine Dayboat scalllops, braised oxtail, wild mushrooms, salted caramel reduction.
sage 030

Second Course #2: Maine lobster casoncelli, glazed spring onions, spinach, mascarpone.
sage 034

Third Course #1: 48-hour beef belly, chestnut puree, fig glaze, celery hearts.
sage 046

Third Course #2: Iberico pork loin, milk-braised cannelloni, green asparagus creminelli mortadella.
sage 049

Fourth Course #1: Warm carrot cake, roasted coconut sauce, candied ginger, cream cheese ice cream.
sage 064

Fourth Course #2: Crunchy chocolate and peanut butter tart, blackberry sphere, toasted marshmallow sauce.
sage 074

Coffee and mignardise (meringues and a shot of rich hot chocolate).
sage 059
sage 054
sage 086
We really enjoyed Sage. Standouts for me were the foie gras brulee, scallops, and lobster casoncelli. I had a great birthday, and I'd happily dine at Sage again.

Monday, December 26, 2011

East Meets West: China Poblano

Chef Jose Andres marries Chinese with Mexican at China Poblano at The Cosmopolitan.
vegas 084
china poblano 003
china poblano 010
china poblano 056
china poblano 006china poblano 008
Aguas frescas are $4.88 each. Highway robbery! The steep prices for seemingly simple food are a recurrent theme at China Poblano. Thankfully, the food is fairly tasty, so the sting is somewhat lessened.

Fresh tortilla chips and housemade chipotle salsa ($4).
china poblano 014

Fresh tortillas and guacamole ($15).
china poblano 017

Tacos (one per order) (yes, just one -- WTF):
(1) Pescado Frito: fried fish, salsa Mexicana ($5.50).
(2) Viva China: beef tendon, Kumamoto oyster, scallions, Sichuan peppercorn sauce ($5.50).
(3) Pancita al Pastor: slow-cooked pork belly, pineapple ($5.50).
(4) Lengua: beef tongue, salsa pasilla ($4).
(5) Cochinita: Yucatan-style barbecued pork, marinated onions ($4.50).
china poblano 029
china poblano 031china poblano 033
china poblano 037china poblano 039

Lamb Potstickers Stuck on You, vegetables, crispy lace ($11.88).
china poblano 034

Rou Jia Mo Street Sandwich, red braised pork. ($8.88)
china poblano 040
china poblano 047

Shrimp Mojo -- shrimp, sweet black garlic, roasted poblano peppers ($16).
china poblano 044

Like Water for Chocolate -- fried quail, dragon fruit, rose petals, chestnut, dragon fruit sauce ($15).
china poblano 050

The Unruly Monk -- hand-cut noodles, wild wood ear mushrooms, poached egg, spicy sauce ($16.88).
china poblano 052
My favorites were the potstickers, street sandwich, and fried quail. Skip the noodles. I recommend coming with a group, so you can get a bunch of things to share. The food won't totally wow you, but you'll have a good time at China Poblano.
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