Saturday, June 30, 2012

Farewell to Foie: Petrossian

Tomorrow, California's foie gras ban begins.  This is sad for so many delicious reasons, but I really liked Diana's take on the ban.  You should read it.

Yesterday, insomniac and I panicked.  We'd forgotten.  We'd procrastinated.  We scrambled.
Luckily, insomniac booked an early reservation for us at Petrossian, where I had the most gorgeous meal with dapotato and Winnie nearly two years ago.

Dining with insomniac is a joy.  She loves food as much as I do.  She makes me laugh.  She holds menus for me. 
eveleigh petrossian 018
When we eat, we do it right.  She gets it.

There was no better companion for this meal.
eveleigh petrossian 019edit
We barely made it, people.  Barely.

I can't tell you how fortunate we were to experience this meal together -- five glorious courses, each better than the former.

Every single bite was happiness laced with sorrow.

How's that for dramatic?

First Course
Summer berry gazpacho, Armagnac poached foie gras, pickled beets.
eveleigh petrossian 022edit_edited-1
eveleigh petrossian 025edit
insomniac ate my blackberries for me because I am allergic, but, even without the blackberries, this was a burst of fruity sunshine punctuated with rich, creamy cubes of foie.  So bright!  So fun!

Second Course
Asparagus salad, black summer truffles, little gem baby lettuce, truffle jus vinaigrette, foie gras ravioli.
eveleigh petrossian 027edit
The pasta was impeccably al dente and delicately stuffed with our beloved star ingredient.  I swirled the ravioli all over the plate to soak up the wondrous truffle jus.  Each mouthful was an incredible explosion of truffles and luscious foie.

And then we got really excited.  It was time for our usual favorite preparation -- the sear!
eveleigh petrossian 029edit
Is this girl thrilled with the arrival of this plate or what?

Third Course
Seared foie gras, cherries, mint, pistachios.
eveleigh petrossian 033edit
Oh, the sear.  The sear!  Exceptional.  The tangy.  The sweet.  The nutty.  All perfect accompanying flavors for this stunning piece of shiny, fatty foie.

Fourth Course
Prime flat iron, foie gras, onion, fines herbes, Fresno chili.
eveleigh petrossian 038edit
To say this portion of steak was generous is an understatement.  We both ate half and boxed up the rest to take home.  It was tender.  It was meaty.  It was sitting on top of a splendid pool of foie gras sauce.  Yeah!

Fifth Course
Foie gras ice cream, brioche, raspberry jam, sea salt, honey.
eveleigh petrossian 044edit
eveleigh petrossian 048edit
Neither insomniac nor I have a sweet tooth.  If, given the choice, we'd both pick savory over sweet any day.

But this dessert was extraordinary.

Like heart-stoppingly amazing.


Imagine the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the whole universe, except instead of peanut butter and white bread, you have the most decadent and incredible foie gras ice cream hugged by fresh, fluffy brioche.

Now multiply that bliss by 100.

That was this dessert.

This did us in.  It was so good that it made insomniac weep.  No joke.
eveleigh petrossian 049editphotoedit
With reactions like this, it's obvious why I love this girl to pieces and why she was the perfect person to help me bid farewell to foie gras in California.

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.
They banned foie gras and made us hustle to eat a lot.

Foie-ck you, ban.  Seriously.
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