Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving From Guyana

We are having fresh peacock bass tonight.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crazy for Crepes: Jack 'n' Jill's Too

Jack 'n' Jill's Too, formerly known as Creperie by Jack 'n' Jill's, is pretty awesome for brunch. I haven't experienced anything bad here yet.
jack n jills 002jack n jills 003
jack n jills 009jack n jills 008
jack n jills 011jack n jills 013
jack n jills 015jack n jills 019
jack n jills 017jack n jills 022
jack n jills 024jack n jills 023
jack n jills 029jack n jills 025
Well, not exactly. There was a bad woman at the table next to us. She told us to be quiet.

We didn't like her. But she's probably not at Jack 'n' Jill's Too every day, so you should totally go.

Special thanks to @CurryClaire for pretending to pose for a picture. Taking fake photos is a specialty of mine, but it requires a good partner in crime.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unexpected Festivities (or Reason #437 I Love L.A.)

When we had dinner at Mo-Chica recently, we happened upon a fun and free Dia de Los Muertos performance in front of Chichen Itza.
It was a nice unexpected end to our meal.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Still Chasing the Highs: LudoBites 6.0

Remember when I said that getting a LudoBites reservation is harder than getting into the Ivy League? Well, I was right. I didn't get a reservation to 6.0.

But, thanks to the generosity of a friend of a friend and the wonders of the Internet, insomniac and I scored spots last week at LudoBites 6.0 at Max in Sherman Oaks and made two new food-loving friends in the process!
ludobites 6.0 005
ludobites 6.0 004
LudoBites 6.0 was the most professional version of The Legend of Ludo that I've experienced to date -- full bar, warm and comfortable atmosphere, and seamless service. Extra special thanks to our server. I don't remember her name, but there she is in the picture above. She was friendly, knowledgeable, genuine, and prompt -- everything you could ask for in a server.

But I found a lot of the food challenging again. Too extreme. Unrefined. Too...too much. I think Ludo may need to start heeding the old fashion adage of taking off one accessory before leaving the house.

We can always count on Ludo to push the envelope. However, I wish that he would find a suitable permanent space, settle down, and harness and perfect his phenomenal talent. The highs are so high. But the lows are disappointingly low.

A chef of his caliber shouldn't be sending out lows. Instead of this nomadic pop-up, test-kitchen-type, now-almost-gimmicky, traveling food show, an established Ludo lair with an actual address would guarantee just the highs.

And that, folks, would be epic.

Am I glad I got to go to LudoBites 6.0? Of course. Did I enjoy every dish? No.

Warm baguette, baratte smoked butter, sardine-Laughing Cow cheese ($5).
ludobites 6.0 010
Pleasant start.

Hamachi Vietnamese-style ($15).
ludobites 6.0 012
Light and fresh.

Black trumpet mushroom cappuccino, creamy butternut squash ($15).
ludobites 6.0 015
The butternut squash soup was piping hot, smooth, sweet, and wonderful. The black trumpet mushroom cappuccino was a big, cold, confusing blob at the bottom of the bowl. We didn't get it. If you do, can you explain?

Barely cooked squid noodles, pad thai, prawn, black radish ($16).
ludobites 6.0 017
Reminiscent of the squid carbonara from Ludobites 4.0. Sadly, not nearly as good.

Sea urchin roe, frozen milk, balsamic, orange broth, black rice ($18).
ludobites 6.0 020
ludobites 6.0 023
No. Just no.

Oriental mussels veloute, heirloom tomato, small fries ($18).
ludobites 6.0 025
Enjoyable. An inspired pairing of the less ordinary and the über familiar.

Marinated mackerel, leche del tigre, baby leeks, verdolagas leaves ($15).
ludobites 6.0 032
Excellent. Skin was crispy. Fish was tender and flavorful. Cleaned this plate.

Scallop, celery root remoulade, red port, walnuts, passion fruit ($24).
ludobites 6.0 034
Neither memorable nor offensive.

John Dory, potato, herbs, brocollini flowers, green jalapeños nage ($26).
ludobites 6.0 037
This tasted like someone shoved 837 herbs into my mouth. It was a bowl of bitterness.

Marinated Korean steak, crispy kimchi, mustard seed ($29).
ludobites 6.0 038
Tasty. It's hard to mess up steak. Small pieces of bone marrow sat atop the chunks of meat. Eat them quickly before they congeal.

Half chicken, poached egg, chanterelles, chorizo ($24).
ludobites 6.0 043
Fabulous. Some of the best chicken I've ever had. Ludo really does know his chicken. So moist. So perfect. Gold star.

Poached-roasted foie gras, honey, autumn fruits, rose flowers ($34).
ludobites 6.0 046
Notwithstanding the fact that the pool of pink gel in the lower left corner tasted like Bath & Body Works, this dish was easily my favorite of the night. This is what all foie gras should aspire to be. Seared just right. Accompanied by the light natural sweetness of honey and fresh fruit. An amazing segue to dessert. This is what we want, Ludo, night after night in one steady location. This is what we love.

Pear, chocolate, matcha green tea broth, mint ($12).
ludobites 6.0 054
I adore pears, but this was a tad firm for my liking.

Warm carrot cake, coconut, Thai curry, mango sorbet, kaffir lime oil ($10).
ludobites 6.0 056
This was the best dessert I've ever had at LudoBites. I could do without the kaffir lime oil, but all of the other components taken together were first-rate. I loved this warm carrot hug from a Thai grandma. Absolutely scrumptious.

Am I a tough judge? I don't think so. Perhaps I expect more from Ludo because I've tasted extraordinary things from his kitchen.

That's what keeps us all coming back -- the hope that we'll taste the extraordinary again. We're all chasing the highs.

Stop making us chase, Ludo. Put the highs all in one place.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It All Tastes the Same: Ordoñez

Ordoñez is not the place to go if you want something awesome, but it's totally the place to go if you want something filling. This place will suffice for most folks who don't turn their noses up at run-of-the-mill Mexican food.
ordonez 002ordonez 004
ordonez 003ordonez 006
ordonez 013ordonez 017
ordonez 018007
I love Mexican food. Good, bad, whatever -- I'll eat it. I'll also eat breakfast whenever I can, so having machaca de res con huevo ($7.75) at noon makes me happy.

This is the Mexican food that most Americans love, which means it's not earning any accolades from critics and food snobs. Entrees range from $4.99 for waffles to $16.75 for surf and turf. Lunch specials cost $6.95 to $9.50.

My co-worker loves and always gets the pozole ($6.95). I, on the other hand, go for something different every time. Nevertheless, everything tastes kind of the same.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lots of Lunch Specials: Ledo Cafe

Ledo Cafe (8158 Garvey Ave., Rosemead) is a cheap and fast Hong Kong-style cafe with an extensive lunch menu.
The generously portioned lunch specials range from $4.95 to $8.95. The prices make the mediocre food a lot easier to swallow.

Meals come with your choice of soup. Refillable coffee, tea, or soda costs only a buck with the purchase of a lunch special. I like the wide array of teas here.

The filet mignon cubes in hot and spicy garlic sauce ($7.25) and the fried Cornish hen with spicy red rice ($5.95) are two specials I've enjoyed. With over 40 different lunch specials, even your picky friends should be able to find something to eat.
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