Monday, June 30, 2008

Small Paul Extravaganza

So you all know that I went to Small Fries' christening on Saturday, but what did I bring for the little guy? Traditional christening gifts were foreign to me. As a non-Christian, I didn't feel comfortable giving anything with a cross on it.

I decided to stick to something very familiar and near and dear to my heart.
paul frank 004
paul frank 003
christening 006
Closer up.
christening 002
christening 003
christening 004
I also picked up gifts for Mr. Monkey's cousin's daughter to make up for our embarrassing empty-handedness at the barbecue.
christening 213
Closer up.
christening 215
christening 216
christening 218
It is fun to spread my Monkey love to others.

I bought a little something for myself, too.
paul frank 002
It was half off (i.e., $11), and I debuted it on Sunday at Open Sesame.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's a Girl!

We welcomed a new addition to our family today. I'd mentioned in passing to Mr. Monkey awhile ago that I really wanted a little boy, but there were no more boys, so he brought home this little girl instead.
pink camera 004
"Pink Melody" isn't my coveted "Rhythm & Blue," but I do prefer it over "Bohemian Brown," which was the other option available, so Mr. Monkey did very well.

Buh-bye, old bulky point-and-shoot! I have a new pink baby for my purse now!
pink camera 006
If you'd like to add to your family, go to Fry's. My little girl cost only $199 and came with a free 2GB secure digital memory card. Score!

Baba Ghanoush! Baba Ghanoush!

I had brunch at Open Sesame today with 10Years, CBB, Y_L, KP, Nessdogg, starlily313, and JD2B. The decor was rich and colorful with a dash of kitsch.
open sesame 007
open sesame 010
open sesame 009
open sesame 008
open sesame 015
open sesame 016
open sesame 017
I love watching huge chunks of meat spin.
open sesame 012open sesame 013
Open Sesame adds mint to a number of its drinks, even to my Arnold Palmer. Nice touch. Refreshing. And I don't even dig mint that much.
open sesame 018
We started with some hummus and baba ghanoush for the table. Yummers.
open sesame 026
open sesame 028
CBB had the chicken shawarma plate, which included tender thinly sliced marinated chicken, served with hummus, garlic sauce, wild cucumber pickles, pita, and a choice of salad.
open sesame 033
I had a bite of CBB's chicken and garlic sauce. Pretty awesome.

I opted for the kafta pita, which was a charbroiled skewer of ground beef and lamb mixed with parsley, onion, and Lebanese spices rolled in a pita with hummus, parsley, onion, and sumac.
open sesame 034
open sesame 039
It was like happiness in my hand. Delicious. Please pay no attention to the fact that it looks like I'm holding poo in a pita. Best damn poo in a pita I've ever eaten.

More deliciousness -- CBB's Marc Jacobs' wallet.
open sesame 042
I think everybody was quite pleased with their meals.
open sesame 023
open sesame 032
After brunch, we strolled down the block to get something refreshing for dessert. On our way, we ran into 10Years' secret side business -- a bikini store.
open sesame 044
And then we reached our destination. Mmm.
open sesame 045
Yogurt in hand, we walked along 2nd Street, chatting and enjoying the sun. We saw some kittens for adoption.
open sesame 047
We went into this store, among others, briefly.
open sesame 046
Then I got a call from my dad. It was about his sister-in-law. It was sort of urgent but not super-duper-right-this-moment-urgent. I told him I'd call him back in an hour. After walking around for a bit more, I decided I should go home to call my dad, so I bid my buddies adieu.

I had such a wonderful time. It was especially nice to meet starlily313 and JD2B. Thank you all for coming!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baptize Small Fries

Today I went to the christening of Small Fries at Saint Monica's Church, where Curly Fries and Mr. Fries were married in 2003.
christening 009
christening 012
christening 011
christening 013
It was an educational experience for me. I had never been to a christening.
christening 023
christening 034
christening 039
christening 042
christening 052
christening 056
christening 074
christening 078
christening 085
christening 108
christening 159
christening 166
I wasn't the only shutterbug. There were a lot of snap-happy folks.
christening 152
christening 118
After the christening, we headed to Mariasol.
christening 209
christening 206
christening 168
christening 169
christening 170
christening 174
christening 177
christening 179
christening 191
christening 189
christening 182
christening 181
Motherly love times two!
christening 183
christening 186
christening 184
christening 194
christening 202
christening 198
Random bonus pic: this is where Mr. Monkey and I had our very first "group date."
christening 211
I thought he was such a weirdo for ordering a gigantic blue drink. I'm pretty glad I got over that.
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