Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Even More Bazaar

For my third dinner at The Bazaar by José Andrés, I sat in the Blanco Room with Mr. Monkey and our friends, The Oros, during dineLA in October. By chance, we sat right next to the insomniacs. This was the second time we were at the same restaurant at the same time while not actually dining together!
the bazaar 080
Totally different vibe from the Rojo Room, no?

I started with a nitro caipirinha cocktail with cachaca and lime ($20), which involved quite the tableside production by our server. Double, double, toil and trouble! Fire burn and cauldron bubble!
the bazaar 005the bazaar 006
the bazaar 009the bazaar 010
the bazaar 012
I am obsessed with liquid nitrogen! Three cheers for alcoholic slushees!

Our dineLA dinner cost $44 per person, and we were limited to selecting our tapas from a slightly truncated version of the usual menu.

Tortilla de patatas new way, potato foam, egg 63, caramelized onions.
the bazaar 013
As good as I'd remembered from my first visit way back when all I had was a kit lens. So airy yet luscious. Really something special.

Hilly cheesesteak air bread, cheddar, mushrooms and Philly cheesesteak air bread, cheddar, Wagyu beef.
the bazaar 019
the bazaar 021
Mrs. Oro doesn't eat red meat, so she noshed on the mushroom version while the rest of us played carnivore. She said her little sandwich was great.

Buñuelos -- codfish fritters, honey aioli.
the bazaar 022
Who can resist gorgeous golden crunchy fish? Not me! Like fancy fish 'n' chips sans chips.

Sea scallops, Romesco sauce.
the bazaar 024
Simple and beautifully seared.

"The ultimate Spanish tapa!" -- ensaladilla rusa potatoes, carrots, mayo, tuna belly.
the bazaar 026
This may be the one and only dish at The Bazaar that I don't like. There's too much going on, and I just can't handle all the mayo. I don't even like regular potato salad.

Japanese taco, grilled eel, shiso, cucumber, wasabi, chicharron.
the bazaar 030
Huzzah for an unagi taco! Huzzah for the melding of two things I love!

Sautéed shrimp garlic, guindilla pepper.
the bazaar 035
An oldie but a goodie.

Embutidos platter, chorizo, lomo, salchichon.
the bazaar 036
the bazaar 039
Charcuterie is the new black. Embrace it.

Brussels sprouts, lemon purée, apricots, grapes, lemon air.
the bazaar 041
Yes, the sprouts again. Had to get them for Mrs. Oro! She is bonkers for Brussels!

Apple and fennel, Manchego cheese, walnuts, Sherry vinegar.
the bazaar 043
Tangy and refreshing, but probably not something I'd order again.

Croquetas de pollo -- chicken and béchamel fritters.
the bazaar 045
Deep-fried chicken and cheese is the bee's knees and sure to please the Weez.

Boneless chicken wings, green olive purée.
the bazaar 047
Bite-sized nuggets of wonderful. More than finger-licking good.

Ottoman carrot fritters, apricots, pistachio sauce.
the bazaar 049
It's a fried fest, yo. And carrots are spectacular when fried, too.

Butifarra Senator Moynihan -- Catalan pork sausage, white beans, mushrooms.
the bazaar 052
Not sure what Moynihan has to do with sausage. Not sure I want to know. I am sure, however, that this was plump, juicy, and splendid. Yes, that's what she said.

Beef hanger steak piquillo pepper confit and natural jus.
the bazaar 056
It's back. Can't come with meat eaters like Mr. Monkey and Mr. Oro and not get this.

Time to go to the Patisserie for dessert.
the bazaar 057the bazaar 059
the bazaar 062the bazaar 060
the bazaar 065the bazaar 061
the bazaar 063

Traditional Spanish flan, vanilla and fruit.
the bazaar 068
Predictable but yummy.

Greek yogurt panna cotta, apricots, and muscat gelatin.
the bazaar 067
Still my favorite.

Creamy chocolate heart, coffee, and cardamom.
the bazaar 071
Warm and gooey.

The requisite Through-the-Looking-Glass-type shots.
the bazaar 082
the bazaar 074
the bazaar 077
the bazaar 075
the bazaar 078
See this finger? It is pointing at you and telling you that you're missing out if you haven't been to The Bazaar by José Andrés.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Bazaar Evening With the Girls

Our recent excursion to SAAM at The Bazaar by José Andrés inspired me to dig up a couple of previous experiences I'd had in the main dining rooms of the restaurant. I'm going post about these dinners before I recap our special 22-course meal in the semi-secret back room.

Here's the second of three "regular" dinners at The Bazaar by José Andrés.

Prior to this night, I'd visited once for dinner and once for brunch, but I still couldn't resist snapping a bunch of decor pics.
bazaar 015
bazaar 014
bazaar 013
bazaar 018
bazaar 019
bazaar 017
I had my first dinner with Mr. Monkey and Brother Monkey in the Blanco Room, so I was excited that Amber, Jen, Nanette, and I dined in the Rojo Room this night.

I loved my Magic Mojito ($16).
It was strained over cotton candy! Squeeeee! Truth be told, it tasted like a regular mojito, but you gotta love that disappearing act.

We got the Chef's Tasting Menu ($65).

American caviar cone.
bazaar 035
Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Baskin-Robbins anymore. Loads of crème fraîche lay in waiting underneath the decadent little fish eggs. Eat the whole cone in one bite for crunchy, salty, creamy awesomeness.

Not Your Everyday Caprese -- cherry tomatoes, liquid mozzarella.
bazaar 037
See those seeming balls of cheese? Well, they were spherifications of cheese -- globes that burst in your mouth!

Papas canarias -- salty wrinkled potatoes, mojo verde.
bazaar 038
Less exciting than bursting balls of molecular gastronomic cheese, but these tasty taters were oddly addictive in their sodium-laden simplicity.

Seared figs with Jamon Iberico Fermin, Pedro Jimenez reduction.
bazaar 039
It's like fruit and pig made sweet sweet love. Rawr! If it wasn't clear, I liked this a lot.

Pisto -- vegetable stew, tomato, egg 63.
bazaar 042
Not as big a fan of this. Almost too good for you to be yummy. Yet...still good. That's the thing about this place -- even the less impressive dishes are still objectively good.

Jicama wraps, pickled cucumbers, ginger, peanuts, coconut dressing.
bazaar 044
Crisp, creamy, and refreshing. Nice in-between-dishes coolness.

Brussels sprouts, lemon puree, apricots, grapes, lemon air.
bazaar 047
It's not often that vegetables make me say, "Wow." So light yet so flavorful.

King crab, raspberries, raspberry vinegar.
bazaar 049
Best thing I've ever had served in a can, no joke. Who knew that crustaceans and berries were a match made on eHarmony?

Sauteed shrimp, garlic, guindilla pepper.
bazaar 051
A classic Spanish tapa done right.

Lamb loin, foraged mushrooms, potato.
bazaar 053
Just as dreamy as I'd remembered from my first meal here. Oh, those potatoes. Pardon me while I wipe a tear from my cheek. I love you, foamy potatoes.

Sauteed wild mushrooms, hazelnut praline.
bazaar 054
The girls went nuts over this dish, and even this fungus loather had to admit this was nicely done. High praise coming from someone who demanded a mushroom-free wedding.

Corn on the cob, baby corn, corn nuts, popcorn shoots.
bazaar 055
Corn porn! Corn porn! Not outstanding,'s corn! Corn rules!

Beef hanger steak, piquillo pepper confit.
bazaar 058
Bloody good. Don't worry. That's not a puddle of blood. That's the red pepper sauce.

After our savory dishes, our server led us to the Patisserie for dessert.
bazaar 006
bazaar 004
bazaar 005
bazaar 060bazaar 065
bazaar 061bazaar 062
bazaar 066

Creamy chocolate heart, coffee, and cardamom.
bazaar 067
Get this if you like chocolate. Don't get this if you're allergic to chocolate.

Traditional Spanish flan, vanilla, and fruit.
bazaar 069
Get this if you like traditional Spanish desserts.

SLS Tres Chocolate Mousse.
bazaar 075
Get this if you like pipettes and monkeys.

Greek yogurt panna cotta, apricots, and muscat gelatin.
bazaar 071
Get this if you're me.

Now here's something extra for you -- the super-mirrored, super-white restroom.
bazaar 001
bazaar 002
bazaar 003
I was glad nobody else was in there, so I could take these photos. Phew.

And...more crazy stuff.
bazaar 008
bazaar 010
bazaar 009
Man, I love this place.
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