Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 4: Zipping Through the Rainforest

We wish we could've stayed longer, but it was time to leave Drake Bay.
costa rica days 3 and 4 141
costa rica days 3 and 4 148
costa rica days 3 and 4 143
costa rica days 3 and 4 150
costa rica days 3 and 4 151
costa rica days 3 and 4 152
costa rica days 3 and 4 149
Yes, Hello Kitty made this trip with me. Luggage was limited to 27 pounds per person.

Some people hate small planes. I'm not one of those people.
costa rica days 3 and 4 155
costa rica days 3 and 4 169
costa rica days 3 and 4 170
costa rica days 3 and 4 174
costa rica days 3 and 4 173
costa rica days 3 and 4 177
To me, every seat on a small plane is a good seat.

We landed at yet another tiny airport in La Fortuna.
costa rica days 3 and 4 181
We drove through the town toward the village of El Castillo.

After some winding dirt roads, we arrived at the Hotel Linda Vista.
costa rica days 3 and 4 182
costa rica days 3 and 4 185
costa rica days 3 and 4 187
costa rica days 3 and 4 186
costa rica days 3 and 4 189
costa rica days 3 and 4 188
Our master suite had far more room than we needed, a computer with high-speed Internet access, and quite a good view of Volcán Arenal, the most active volcano in Costa Rica.

Rain fell throughout the day, but we went to Sky Trek anyway. We put on our gear, rode up the gondola, and...whee!
costa rica days 3 and 4 193
costa rica days 3 and 4 197
costa rica days 3 and 4 200
costa rica days 3 and 4 201
costa rica days 3 and 4 202
costa rica days 3 and 4 207
Look how happy Mr. Monkey was zip-lining!

I screamed. A lot.

Next: Volcanic activity, flora and fauna, and hanging bridges.


  1. Just signed up for zip lining in Saint Lucia in two weeks. I'll definitely scream a lot too. :)

    I really want to go to CR after reading your posts--even the bug/snake/scorpion post!

  2. seriously, your pictures are breathtaking. fantastic!

  3. We did the SkyTram/SkyTrek too. Best zipline I've ever seen.

  4. beautiful photos! i would have screamed zip lining, too. a lot.

  5. I love all of your pictures! I feel like I was there...well maybe not because if I was on a tiny plane I would have screamed and cried the whole time and ruined everyone's trip. Five stars for the HK suitcase!

  6. What an amazing view from your hotel. Gorgeousness! I'm too risk averse to zip line w/out a parachute. Didja have one packed up in that there hello kitty suitcase? Hope so.

  7. It rained when we did ziplining on Maui. I thought it kind of added to the adventure factor. :)

  8. Amazing aerial pictures! Breathtaking!

  9. I have always wanted to go ziplining! Looks like fun!

  10. We did ziplining in La Fortuna too :) So. Much. Fun! (but I didn't scream, hee)

  11. Love that "Nature Air" photo!

    You are a good wifey.

  12. i hate small planes, and i hate ziplining. however, i love your pictures.

  13. There's so much goodness in this post! I'm not afraid of flying or small planes, but that plane looked tiny! Yikes! The hotel looks amazing!! Awesome!

  14. Hi weezermonkey,

    You continually blow me away with your great photography! (^_^) Thanks.

  15. I love zip lining. LOVE. I would have LOVED to have seen you zip lining. HAHAHAHA.

    What a cool trip you had friend!

  16. gorgeous view. and yay for zip lining.

  17. It was great to meet you yesterday! Please let me know if there are any future Phototasting events in the future!

    I thought I was pretty good at taking photos but I got maybe one good shot from yesterday!! I normally shoot in a very controlled environment... which I'm sure would make anyone's photos look good. Haha! Your photos are amazing by the way..

  18. yo WM! what happened to "Volcanic blah blah blah"? I know you were there for more than 4 days!

  19. I'm scared of heights, ziplining scares me (well, the thought of it anyway). I hate small planes, they make me ill. Something makes me think we'd make horrible Amazing Race partners.


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