Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elk, Kangaroo, Rabbit 'n' Rattlesnake: Lonesome Dove

Chef Tim Love describes his Lonesome Dove as "urban Western cuisine."
fort worth 073fort worth 119
fort worth 120
fort worth 122
Pretty apt description. Be prepared to wait, even if you have a reservation. It's a very popular destination and with good reason.

Amuse bouche -- watermelon granita.
fort worth 128

Elk sausage sliders, seared foie gras, blueberry jam ($14); kangaroo carpaccio nachos, avocado salsa, habanero-fig demi-glace ($12); rabbit-rattlesnake sausage, spicy Manchego rosti, crème fraîche ($15).
fort worth 130fort worth 134
fort worth 133

Roasted garlic-stuffed beef tenderloin, Western plaid hash, Syrah demi-glace ($35).
fort worth 135

Rocky Mountain elk ribeye, spring vegetable ragu, crispy potatoes ($41).
fort worth 143

fort worth 145

Fresh Mexican doughnuts with cajeta, chocolate, and blackberry sauces ($10).
fort worth 146

Goat cheesecake with Concord compote and almond tuille ($10).
fort worth 148
It's not surprising that Chef Love defeated Iron Chef Morimoto in Battle: Chiles. The man knows his way around spice. There was no lack of flavor this evening!

Lonesome Dove will please any meat lover. Put it on your to-do list when in Fort Worth.


  1. I'm amused because the decor totally looks like what I'd expect in Texas, especially with the bull's horns. I'm not sure if I'll ever find myself in Fort Worth, but this would surely be near the top of my list.

  2. It's funny to me that this is considered Western cuisine, because the only place I've ever had elk, kangaroo, and rattlesnake was in the Catskills!

  3. i wanna go. i'm sure the bear would love it w/all that meat and spice.

  4. Roasted garlic stuffed beef tenderloin. YES.

    But I love Morimoto!


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