Thursday, March 21, 2013

Leave It to Cleaver: Chi Spacca

The only signage for Chi Spacca is a cleaver.
chi spacca 002achi spacca 005a
chi spacca 037a
The space and menu are clean and simple, too.  Even so, it was hard to order because insomniac and I wanted to eat everything at this latest addition to the Mozza empire.

It's tough being us.

Hot fresh bread (complimentary) and affetati misti ($24).
chi spacca 014a
chi spacca 016a
What is that vowel-filled tongue-twister up there?  It's a house-cured meat paradise -- bacon tenderloin pate, pork butter, tellicherry pepper salami, fennel salami, speck, and capocollo.  Meat.  Paradise.

Baby Romanesco cauliflower, crushed lemon bagna cauda ($12).
chi spacca 018a
More kids would eat their vegetables if their vegetables were like this.

Lamb neck stracotto ($27).
chi spacca 027a
My fave of the night.  Tender and luscious.  insomniac took leftovers home in a box.  Then she ate them as soon as she walked through the door.  So much for leftovers.

Red wattle pork "segreto" ($24).  Under a bed of greens.  And then revealed.
chi spacca 030a
chi spacca 032a
Loved the rub on this.  Smoky.  Like licking a grill.  In a good way.

Warm squash blossoms ripiene, ricotta, tomato vinaigrette ($12).
chi spacca 031a_edited-1
A delightful mix of garden and dairy.

Dario's olive oil rosemary cake ($9).
chi spacca 034a
Enjoyable end with an orange zest and limoncello curd.  Mmm.

Italian two nights in a row.  Who am I?


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