Monday, April 29, 2013

Understated Innovation: Allumette

My broken camera notwithstanding, it's been a good month.  After all, I did get a new point-and-shoot, and I do celebrate my birthday as long as I can.  We had a child-friendly dinner with my little niece and nephew on my actual birthday, but we headed to Allumette for a five-course tasting ($72) the day after with the Cruisers.  Thank you, Cruisers!
allumette 033a
Allumette replaces Allston Yacht Club in Echo Park.  Same owners.  Different concept.  Better experience.

Housemade limeade and ginger beer ($4 each).
allumette 004aallumette 005a
Both fresh and strong.

Complimentary grilled focaccia with potato-mascarpone butter.
allumette 007a
This may be the tastiest bread course in Los Angeles at this moment.  Spread that creamy, buttery, cheesy potato goodness all over the focaccia and crunch and savor and sigh contentedly.

Kanpachi sashimi, spot prawn, oro blanco, pistachio oil.
allumette 012a
A little tart.  A little nutty.  A lot of fresh.  A lot of yum.

Complimentary prawn head broth.
allumette 013a
We wanted to pick this up and slurp it all and suck all the juice from that head.  Ok, we committed one of these acts.  I'll let you guess which one.

Poached octopus, beluga lentil, vadouvan butter, fried egg.
allumette 016a
Tender and gently chewy, paired wonderfully with rich, runny yolk on top of mild, delicate legumes.

Complimentary fairy squid, cilantro flower, lime ponzu.
allumette 019a
So tiny and pretty!  Tasted like it looked, if that makes any sense.

Alaskan halibut, king crab mezzaluna, Meyer lemon, whipped yogurt.
allumette 021a
The best halibut I've had in quite awhile.  Halibut is often overcooked and dry.  Not here.  Not at all.  How was this simultaneously moist and flaky?  I don't know, but it was delectable with its cool and slightly sweet and sour accompaniments.

Squab breast, rillette fricassee, balsamic panade, blueberry.
allumette 026a
You know I always love my tiny fowl.  Rejoice!  An itty-bitty bird in a happy garden!

Goat's milk flan, angel food cake, brown butter, tapioca.
allumette 027a
Birthday candle fun!  I loved loved loved this dessert, and I'm not even a huge flan fan.  Delicate and not too sweet.  Fabulous way to end a nice dinner with good friends.  I dare say that Allumette is sort of like a chill, unflashy ink., Jr.  That's a compliment.

My point-and-shoot handled the low lighting like a champ.  Happy birthday indeed.


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