Monday, May 28, 2007

Nothing to Sniff At

I hate being sick. And I hate being sick even more, knowing that I have a big pile of work waiting for me tomorrow. My nose is red and raw from constant blowing. If my throat were a surface, it'd be scratchy sandpaper. I feel like a taxidermist stuffed my head.

I'm so sick that I infected my car. The old Honda blew a tire this weekend, its A/C went out, and its alignment went wacko. It cost over $400 to fix everything. Thank God it's just a Honda. I can't imagine how much fixing a luxury car would've cost.

Of course, maybe if I had a luxury car, I wouldn't have these problems.

But the Honda is fixed. Hooray. I wish I could pay $400 to fix my cold.


  1. Love the you're one step closer to internet world domination!!! Mwahahhaahahhaha!

  2. boooooo to pricey auto repairs :(

  3. Boo. That blows.

    Har har. I crack myself up.


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