Sunday, December 24, 2006

Tangerine Dream

The color white sucks. Technically, white isn't even a color, if my vague recollection of high school physics serves me right. Billy Idol is awesome and all, but no day was a nice day for a white wedding in my book. Major snoozeville, dudes. I love color. The brighter, the better!

How did I come up with my color scheme? It wasn't hard. Here are some things I like:

I have this watch! Handy dandy case for your iPodSleepy time

Then I thought, "What can I pair with orange?" One option was this combo:

Oh, orange and aqua, I still think of you sometimes.

Sweet, right? I love love love orange and aqua together! But, after much contemplation about ease of decor and floral arrangements, I decided against the orange-aqua motif. Instead, I quashed my usual anti-girlie self and went with this loud hue to complement my tangerine dream. I convinced myself that, as long as it didn't conjure thoughts of bubble gum or cotton candy, pink was not only ok, it was fabulous!

No need for fancy schmancy wedding mags. Color inspiration can come from everyday objects:

Helloooooo Kitty!I love Tarina Tarantino!

Going dottyDoorknob!You snooze, you win!Kate Spade knows what she's doing.

Protect your pocket! Lamps from outer space?

Cuuuuuuute Bold bowl

More Tarina! Travel with your utensils

Thus began the orange and fuchsia madness.

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