Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial Madness

Totally worth coming out of blogging hiatus -- Michael Jackson only dies once.

We live in the thick of this mess, so we left one car at Mr. Monkey's office parking structure last night. I walked six blocks to my car in order to get out this morning. This is what I saw along the way.
michael jackson memorial 001
michael jackson memorial 004
michael jackson memorial 009
michael jackson memorial 008
michael jackson memorial 002
michael jackson memorial 015
michael jackson memorial 012
michael jackson memorial 013
michael jackson memorial 028
michael jackson memorial 029
michael jackson memorial 024
michael jackson memorial 010
michael jackson memorial 011
michael jackson memorial 031
michael jackson memorial 022
michael jackson memorial 007
michael jackson memorial 027
michael jackson memorial 026
michael jackson memorial 020
I'm just glad I made it out alive. These people are effing crazy.


  1. i was at once fearful and jealous of you for being this close to the madness.

    you like how i managed to keep any song title references out of this?

  2. I am so glad you blogged about this! It doesn't look as crazy as I thought it would (I expected shoulder to shoulder crowds), but maybe it's still early. Glad you got out of there though and good luck getting home tonight, stay safe!

  3. kudos for making it out. i am going nowhere near downtown today.

  4. Crazy! I especially like the MJ dressed up guy holding a Sephora bag. Gotta moisturize, you know...

  5. Thanks for the pictures! I was wondering what things would be like for you today.

  6. I'm glad you made it out okay. Totally crazy down there.

  7. Glad you got out of there safely.

  8. Let the MJ lovers strike me down, but I can't wait until all this craziness is over.

  9. Nutty! The Sephora bag totally makes that outfit in the second pic.

    Did you get any street food along the way?

  10. yay for your (sort of) blogging return!

    love the people peddling their wares, way to stay klassy. :/

  11. i wish i was there.

    - an effing crazy MJ fan

  12. Thanks for the pics! I feel like I was on your walk with you. ;) Love the shot of the garbage cans.

  13. ... yeah. I am staying the heck out of downtown today.

  14. Wow, that is just crazy. Glad to hear you made it out okay.

  15. Awesome pictures! I'm guessing the traffic is probably less awesome though...hope it's a bit better by the time you have to head home.

    And I'm sure you're on blogging hiatus for very good reasons and doing all sorts of fun things, but I hope you hurry back - I miss your posts!

  16. yeah i can't even imagine how much of a madhouse it was today. but love the pictures, i think they sum it up pretty well.

  17. OMG! Kinda sorta wish I weren't in Hawaii. Chaos demands to be reveled in. I feel out of touch. Thanks for the pix ;-) I feel closer to M. Jackson.

  18. I can't decide which group I find more ridiculous -- the hordes coming out of the woodwork to make a buck off of mourners (hawkers with buttons, flowers, shirts, etc.) or the fools who actually spend money on such crap.

  19. YES!!!!!!!! and in one of those pics, the girl (with the perfectly arched eyebrows) was featured on d-listed!

    glad no riots broke out..

  20. I wish I could have been there! I would have loved to people watch.

    Please come back soon. I don't want people to have to die to make you post. No Taking of the Pelham 123 or whatever.

  21. This whole MJ was pretty crazy and I was able to catch the ceremony in my office. Not cool that us taxpayers got stuck with the tab.....it was a funeral fit for a President.


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