Monday, July 20, 2009

San Francisco on the Cheap

It wasn't quite as cheap as the $14 Jet Blue flight that we took last time, but we were pleased as punch to pay $48 for our Virgin America flight to San Francisco in late April.
san francisco 001
If you haven't flown Virgin America yet, do it. Do it now. Now, I said! It's like Jet Blue on steroids -- everything great about Jet Blue but even greater. It is hands down my favorite airline ever.

With its lavender neon and ambient music, the Virgin America cabin makes you feel like you should've brought your light sticks and ecstasy.
san francisco 002
Even without any chemical help, however, you'll be in ecstasy thanks to the great entertainment system.
san francisco 008san francisco 009
san francisco 005san francisco 006
We arrived at our $1 hotel late that night. Yes, $1 for a room that's usually $339.
san francisco 031
During his frequent perusal of travel blogs and other travel-related sites, Mr. Monkey came across an "April Fool's deal" offered by The Orchard Hotel. For a few select Fridays, you could book a room for just $1. Mr. Monkey was no fool. He snatched up a night immediately.

Between this and the $48 flight, we just had to go to San Francisco even though we'd gone just a few weeks before.

The Orchard Hotel was lovely. I took this photo the next morning when it was light out.
san francisco 034
As I stepped back to get a better shot, I tumbled off the curbed and sprained both of my ankles. Both. The doorman watched in horror as I fell. I totally ate it, but my camera came out unscathed -- even as I collapsed, I held up my little baby. Must. Save. Camera.

I wore ankle braces the rest of the trip. Sexy. And it wasn't even a good photo. Stupid.

At least the $1 room was for real. See?
san francisco 013
san francisco 012san francisco 011
san francisco 014
By the time we'd settled in, we were starving. It was past midnight. We had no choice but to go to Lori's Diner, a nearby local chain that was open and surprisingly busy.
san francisco 022
san francisco 016
san francisco 023
This was called "San Francisco's Best Corned Beef Hash" ($10.95). I don't think so.
san francisco 025
Side of sausage. Palatable enough.
san francisco 026
The "Taco Ole Omelet" ($10.50) with vegetarian chili, avocado, salsa, monterey jack cheese and sour cream.
san francisco 028
san francisco 029

Still, we were happy. $1. San. Francisco. Hotel. Room. Yeah.

Next: An atrocious deli, flying car parts on the Golden Gate Bridge, and a woodsy walk.


  1. Nice! We were just in SF, too. And I love flying Virgin - it's like riding on the inside of a Mac!

  2. still need to try virgin america, and we are long overdue for a trip up north.

  3. So glad you decided to start the SF posts. I am going later this week, for the first time ever.

    Hope your ankles are better : /

  4. We just got a Virgin flight home for our Seattle trip in September. So excited!!

  5. With our frequent trips to the Bay Area we've been singing the praises of Virgin America since they opened their gates. We flew them the first week they showed up. The tvs weren't working on the 40 minute flight, so they plied us all with free drinks the whole way up AND gave us a coupon for a free drink the next time we flew. We've been hooked ever since, they're the only airline we fly now to the Bay Area.

  6. yeah, even w/ a double sprained situation, i'm gonna hv to say $1 room and $50 flight = totally bitchen!

  7. The things you suffer for your art! Glad the camera came out unscathed. ;)

  8. Man, Po needs to run a seminar. I'd sign Vern up pronto! Sorry to hear about the anks. An unspectacular photo--insult to injury.

  9. Love Virgin Am. Do not love sprained ankles.

  10. Mr. Monkey, aka Travel Ninja, does it again. Looking forward to reading about the rest of this trip.

  11. My sprained ankle still hurts after messing it up a year and a half ago. Yippee.

  12. yay to mr. monkey being a travel ninja. ugh to ankle braces.

  13. *sigh* I had to drive up for July 4th. What a PITA. But that allowed me to drive to/fro East Bay. Oakland IS the new Mission. Kinda like.. Glendale is the next Culver City?

    Not sure hurting ankles worth saving camera? Let's talk about that tonite.

  14. Boo on the ankle injuries. I hope you're feeling better.

    I am sitting in shock over the $1 hotel room. Amazing.

  15. I have yet tried Virgin America. It looks like so much fun though.

  16. Seriously, what a deal for both the tickets and the hotel. Let me know when you get wind of one of those deals, esp for NYC =)

    Sorry about the ankle, but I know you guys had an awesome trip!

  17. I still haven't flown Virgin Airlines. I really must change this.

  18. Aw, sad ankles.

    Yay, happy airplane! It looks so cool inside.

  19. aha, so that's the ankle story. hope they are both back to normal now.

    really, if mr. mo finds any steals from lithuania, please have him fill me in!

  20. We have even more in common than I thought.
    1. I have sprained my ankles while falling, but managed to save my camera because I held it up high during my stumble.
    2. Me and the Hubs got stuck eating @ Lori's when we arrived late to the Chancellor Hotel in S.F.

    Great photos, BTW!

  21. I must have missed the ankle story last time. I hope you're better now though. I will never understand how you both manage to get such great deals. Amazing. And PS, if I ever get the chance to ride Virgin (never have before), I'll jump on it!


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