Friday, December 18, 2009

Lotsa Ludo Love

When LudoBites popped up at Breadbar earlier this year, I didn't get a chance to visit. I was pretty sad about that. So, when I heard that LudoBites would be at the Royal/T Cafe for about two weeks in December, I made reservations immediately.
ludo bites 049
ludo bites 001
insomniac, Ann Marie, and Amber were the best Top Chef Masters-loving companions that I could ever have. Better yet, they specifically love Chef Ludo Lefebvre. We were all very excited about this meal.

Tuna sashimi, sushi rice ice cream, soy sauce gelee, smoked ginger oil ($16).
ludo bites 006
Fish and ice cream! Together at last! I'm not kidding. Admittedly, our first few bites were filed under "things that make you go hmm." But it didn't take us long to get to "I think I kinda like this." And, soon after, the plate was clean. A chef who can get you to like a fish and ice cream dish is really something, no?

Foie gras beignet, saffron-dried apricots ($17).
ludo bites 009
All four of us love foie gras, so there was no way that this wasn't going to be a hit. It was essentially a foie gras donut! Ann Marie was particularly thrilled, as she'd been looking forward to this ever since she'd read about it. The contrast of textures was very pleasing, and the apricots provided a lovely mellow tang.

Braised veal, udon, caramelized onions, kombu dashi, enoki mushrooms ($16).
ludo bites 015
If you don't know what umami tastes like, you should taste this -- it is the perfect embodiment of the flavor. The veal was very tasty and the noodles delightfully springy, but what really won me over was the broth. I wanted to pick up my bowl and slurp it all.

Crispy confit pork belly, burnt eggplant puree, plantain, coconut Thai chili emulsion ($16).
ludo bites 017
I don't think I've ever met a pork belly I didn't like, and Chef Lefebvre's offering didn't disappoint. It had a nice crisp edge, and I enjoyed it with a generous helping of puree.

Fried chicken, mole, cantal polenta, baby corn, baby bok choy ($18).
ludo bites 021
Oh. Mah. Gah. Sooooo good. So crunchy. So tender. So flavorful. Note that Chef Lefebvre is truly dedicated to creating authentic flavors -- he got a mole-making lesson from Teenage Glutster's mom.

When insomniac cut into the baby bok choy and the baby corn popped out, Amber and I literally squealed with joy. I think you had to be there to appreciate just how spazzy we were. Yes, we were that delighted by the emergence of secret baby corn.

Special thanks to @FrenchChefWife for sneaking the fried chicken out to us, as it wasn't on the menu this night! We loved it!

Brittany cod teriyaki, mashed potatoes, pickled garlic, lemon-miso ($24).
ludo bites 025
Perfectly cooked cod. Absolutely adored the lemon-miso -- it really gave an oomph to the sweet fish.

Grilled beef tenderloin, crispy lard, carrots "vichy," mustard ($28).
ludo bites 026
Exquisitely prepared meat. Melt-in-your-mouth tender lusciousness. Really enjoyed the mustard, too. All the sauces were generally very good.

Guacamole, exotic fruits, ginger ice cream ($12).
ludo bites 033
Ok, so here's where things got weird again. We came around on the fish and ice cream, so we decided to be bold and try guacamole for dessert. Again, we started with funny faces as we took our first bites. But it got better. We actually ate the whole thing. While I can't say that this is something I'd necessarily order again, I do applaud the dessert's creativity. insomniac said she liked it!

Fourme d'Ambert tourte, red pear, honey-balsamic ($12).
ludo bites 038
This was another challenging dish. I liked it a lot, but I didn't think it tasted very much like dessert. Amber said it would make a great cheese course, and I agree. I would've thought it was more dessert-like had it been drizzled with a truly sweet sauce.

Correction: This was a cheese course! It just came out of the kitchen after dessert instead of before dessert. Oopsies. It all makes so much more sense now!

I can't write this post without paying homage to the awesome light box that LudoBites provides for weirdo food bloggers like yours truly.

ludo bites 008
ludo bites 012
ludo bites 030
This contraption made my photos a million times better. Genius.

While we were there, we spied Dr. Drew from Loveline.
ludo bites 041
My stalkerazzi skills clearly (or, rather, unclearly) need improvement.

Good thing @chefludo and @FrenchChefWife were kind enough to pose still.
ludo bites 045ludo bites 048
ludo bites 046
Amber made sure the I got a pic with Ludo, too.

Fabulous night. Thank you, @chefludo and @FrenchChefWife, for a wonderful evening. Thank you, insomniac, Ann Marie, and Amber, for letting me run to the light box with each dish before we dug in. You guys are the best.


  1. Wow. Everything looks fantastic! Seething with jealousE.

  2. Wow, that food looks amazing...and what a great idea to have a light box for bloggers!

  3. Your photos look awesome. Looks like it was a great night. So glad you got to go this time and have the chicken!

  4. My mouth dropped open (and not in a good way) at the fish and ice cream. But then my mouth dropped open (and in a good way) at the light box. HYSTERICAL! Love it. And I'm so glad you got to meet Ludo. You have to email me with the details of how the convo went and what he was really like.

  5. Last night was SO MUCH FUN!!! I completely agree with your assessment of all the dishes. And I think if you'd have picked up the udon to slurp, I'd have just asked if you leave a little and let me have the rest. ;)

  6. I think I heard the California was going to ban foie gras. Is this true? And will you have to fly to Vegas to eat now?

  7. I would have loved to see you running to the light box with each dish. Awesome.

  8. That mole looks a hell of a lot prettier than my grandma's!! Everything looks Deeee-lish!

  9. Now, that's what Ludo Bites is all about! Deliciously challenging food :-)

    Love Dr. Drew SO SO SO much!

  10. Dang - those pics turned out great. I need a portable lightbox to drag around with me. Best night ever :) Just what I needed after a hellacious work day.

  11. Fish and ice cream? I would have never thought. I can just picture you 3 squealing like schoolgirls when the corn popped out. Hahaha!

  12. looks like an amazing night with fun friends :)

  13. I had SO much fun last night! I especially loved the jealous glance from the table next to us when they saw our fried chicken. It pays to dine with WM!

  14. Looks like you had a great time. The dessert looks amazing.

  15. so jelaousE. and the photos are great.

  16. What I wouldn't give for a lightbox at restaurants... don't think that one is going to catch on in Minneapolis any time soon, sadly ;)

  17. I apologize, but I am more excited that you caught a glimpse of Dr. Drew than anything else. I want to do really dirty things to him.

  18. So glad you finally made to LudoBites! Weren't the udon noodles amazing? I could eat a big bowl of that any night of the week.

    Happy holidays Weez!

  19. OMG. i can't get over the light box! that's amazing. oh, and yeah, the food looked fantastic too. sushi rice ice cream?!? that sounds delish.

  20. that light box is too cool - how perfect for you! the food looks ah-maz-ing, too.


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