Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No Flash in the Pan

The Apple Pan is a Los Angeles institution. It's been around forever.
apple pan 001
apple pan 003apple pan 026
Its motto? Quality forever.

Sometimes the wait is forever. The place is always packed.
apple pan 009
apple pan 005apple pan 006
apple pan 016
apple pan 012
apple pan 011
Get in the honor system line. Grab a free seat as soon as it's vacated.

We were lucky that four opened up together, so we could sit with our dear Cruisers, who suggested the burger and movie date. Yes, the Burger Quest continues! And, if you haven't seen Fantastic Mr. Fox yet, you should. Most adorable flick ever.

Pour your soda ($1.50) into an old-school metal contraption.
apple pan 014
apple pan 015

Fries ($2.15).
apple pan 013
Hot and golden but not the best fries you'll ever have.

Hickoryburger ($6.50) with cheese ($0.50).
apple pan 020
If you don't like barbecue sauce, you won't like this. Lucky for me, I do, and I did.

Steakburger ($6.50) with cheese ($0.50).
apple pan 023
I can't pinpoint why, but I liked the Hickoryburger more. The taste of relish was prominent on the Steakburger. Mr. Monkey liked it.

Apple pie ($5.50).
apple pan 024
Enjoyable, but just looking at the $5.50 price tag again makes me cringe a little.

I don't dispute that The Apple Pan lives up to its motto. The diner certainly uses fresh, quality ingredients. Know, however, that you are paying more for the nostalgia than for the actual taste of the food, which is good but a far cry from outstanding.


  1. I was not impressed with the apple pan when I went. But maybe it's time for take two.

  2. Go easy on the Pan, man! I've been going there since I was a little boy. Yummy!!!

  3. Something tells me that Cash register is equipped to take debit cards as well.

  4. Ah, I've only been there once. And that was to have a coke while my boyfriend at the time officially broke up with me. I have *tons* of happy memories of the place. :/

  5. The last time I was here was more than a decade ago.

  6. I remember this being a big hit when I was in school - but for some reason, we just never got over there....

  7. These pics remind me of Pie 'n Burger in Pasadena. Have you ever been there? If not, I'd like to suggest it for your next Burger Quest adventure. I might dare to say it's my favorite burger ever. Not fancy, kinda pricey, but I love it. And they make their sodas the old fashioned way, with syrup. Please go and report back!

  8. Venn is right! Get your booty to Pasadena and try Pie n Burger. It's the same style as In n Out. I dig!

  9. hmmm...the price of that pie would make me angry, too! the burgers and fries look good, though.

  10. another blast from the past! the original peach pit in the first few episodes of bh 90210. love.

  11. Hmm... Why was your slice of pie so small? They're usually double that size with two scoops of ice cream. Did they split it for you?

  12. The Apple Pan is the story behind my make believe band name "Cheese Fries Coke"

  13. The Apple Pan is a part of my UCLA days. My husband and I go there sometimes to relive our school days.

  14. The best looking thing to me are the fries. Nice and crispy on the outside, at least they look like it.

  15. i completely share your opinion. used to live around the corner and went maybe twice with tourists in the couple of years i lived there.


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