Sunday, May 2, 2010

Marvelous Media Meal at Minx


Ever spy the huge Minx building while speeding down the freeway in Glendale? Let me put your burning question to rest -- it is not a strip club despite its saucy name.

Take a detour off the freeway. Go inside. It's worth it.
minx 005
minx 008
minx 092
Inside the nondescript building lies all this sleek contemporary design.

After attending a hosted media dinner last Thursday, I am thrilled to report that Minx far exceeded my expectations. Look up Minx on yelp, and you'll see a rather dismal rating.

Ignore that rating. It's wrong now. Trust me on this one.

Dear readers, this ain't your old Minx. This Minx is beyond new and improved. With the addition of innovative young Chef Keven Alan Lee, Minx is now pretty damn fabulous.
minx 015minx 016
minx 009
minx 017
The piping hot bread and delectable spicy whipped butter foreshadowed good things.

Duet of blooming butter head + hearts and romaine -- Lola Rosa, crispy bacon, crumbled Stella bleu cheese, red onions, charred corn, candied cashews, bleu cheese vinaigrette + garlic Parmesan, brushed hearts of romaine, grilled hearts of palm, Kalamata olives, ciabatta tostinis.
minx 020
A pleasant green start to our humongous tasting. It didn't bowl me over, but it was nice enough to give me hope for the rest of the meal.

Signature creamy five-onion soup -- caramelized shallots, red and yellow onions, leeks, scallions creamed together with melting Gruyere cheese served in a colossal onion.
minx 025
Wow! So interesting and surprising! It came in an onion! It wasn't like a French onion soup at all. Instead, this soup's texture resembled that of a butternut squash soup. My first spoonful puzzled me, but, only minutes later, I scraped that onion clean. Loved it.

Orleans-style BBQ shrimp -- sauteed black pepper shrimp with creamy Orleans-style BBQ sauce served with garlic bread.
minx 031
Chef Lee told us he was inspired by the flavors he experienced at John Besh's Restaurant August, and this was an ode to all the great food in New Orleans. The garlic bread was nothing special, but these shrimp impressed me with the right amount of kick and a touch of sweetness.

Seared Diver scallops -- jumbo scallops seared medium and seared with a tropical habanero BBQ sauce.
minx 061
This was my main course, seared just to my liking. Another spicy-sweet mix that pleased my palate.

14-day dry-aged New York steak -- Angus reserve, Merlot demi-glace, roasted shallot Zinfandel compound butter.
minx 064
This was Wandering Chopsticks' main course. I sampled two slices (which I traded for a big scallop). While the meat was well-seasoned, I found it to be a bit on the chewy side. I thought this would be my favorite of the night, but it turned out to be my least favorite.

Au gratin potatoes, horseradish cheddar cheese.
minx 035
I'm not a huge fan of potatoes in a large cube form. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but that's how I feel about big cubes of potatoes. This version, however, was well-executed. Not something I'd order myself, but I enjoyed my bite.

Truffle radiatori, Vermont cheddar, Shiitake mushrooms.
minx 037
Nom nom nom! This cheesy pasta made me so happy.

Brussels sprouts and bacon, balsamic butter.
minx 039
Straightforward and tasty.

Sauteed mushroom medley, garlic butter, fresh herbs.
minx 041
You know I'm a fungus hater, so I can never really appreciate mushrooms the way they're supposed to be appreciated. My dining companions went to town on this, though.

Sauteed garlic spinach, Romano cheese.
minx 043
Another straightforward and tasty dish.

Grilled jumbo asparagus.
minx 045
More proof that Chef Lee knows his classics.

Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, bacon, scallions, crème fraiche.
minx 046
Now these are some potatoes that I dig. Everything I like on a baked potato but on mashed potatoes!

Steamed broccolini, garlic butter.
minx 049
Simple and not overdone. Making veggies like this is not as easy as one might think.

Shoestring buttermilk onion fries, sweet potato fries with maple syrup, truffle Parmesan fries with basil.
minx 054
Fried joy in three cones. The sweet potato fries were especially good because of that loving touch of maple syrup.

Bananas Foster whoopie pie, handmade marshmallow, caramel orange tulle.
minx 066
Whoopie for whoopie! A great combination of textures. Not too sweet. Yum.

Blackberry pear cobbler, Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, lavender whipped cream.
minx 073
Superb. Warm and cold, sweet and tart, crusty and fruity. Opposites attract.

Lemon panna cotta, goat cheese cookie crumb, chilled berry broth, micro basil.
minx 079
I fell in love with this creamy light panna cotta. It is too bad I am already married, or I could be Mrs. Panna Cotta.

Chocolate toffee bread pudding, Kahlua milk chocolate fondue.
minx 080
Decadent and totally worth risking my chocolate-allergy-induced hives. You must get this. Effing great. Hats off to the pastry chef. Definitely save room for dessert!

If you are in Glendale, get thee to Minx. You are so lucky to have Chef Keven Alan Lee in your 'hood, dishing out strong classic American fare with fun and fresh twists.

Thank you, Minx, for a splendid evening with Wandering Chopsticks, sinosoul, Banana Wonder, Hungry Hungry Hanh, and The Uncouth Gourmands.


  1. i want that onion. it may make me make a trek to the valley-ish even.

  2. i do see minx alllllllllll the time when i'm driving. i really thought it was a club! isn't it right next to in and out as well?

  3. Great looking pics! I must give Minx a try!

  4. That onion looks insane! Also, that Panna Cotta is calling my name as well, mmmmm. And what is this nonsense about you not liking fungi?! Seriously? Mushrooms are my most favorite treat!! I guess that just means we definitely have to go to dinner together :)

  5. This is the best strip club food I have ever seen. I kid, I kid. Looks wonderful.

  6. I was pleasantly surprised with the dinner too. It was so great to see you again!

  7. As much as I love potatoes and cheese, I'm also not really into "potatoes in cube form".

  8. i also drive by this place all the time! my husband had been there once and said it was no bueno. glad to know they've made from changes and even more awesome to know that you're invited to media meals. :)

  9. My hubby always jokes about going here. Looks like we are going to have to try it now!

  10. We pass that place all the time. Looks like we'll have to actually stop for dinner one of these days. Thanks for the review!

  11. I too thought this place was a night club. Good eats next to the freeway? Who knew?

  12. we've driven by minx a zillion times. and i think they're on!

  13. A lot of that food looked really fucking delicious. It's too bad I don't have the slightest idea where Glendale is.

  14. Good stuff and loving meeting + eating with you! You are so right about those yelp reviews being off mark! I didn't try the steak so good to know I didn't miss out;) Ostrich egg next? ;)

  15. You've convinced me to put my strip club beliefs aside. Fine, it really is a restaurant. I want to have that cheesy pasta and that bread pudding.

  16. Oh sweet Jesus, now I'm starving

  17. that onion is ginormous! and I also love panna cotta :)

  18. How da F did you get this post up so fast! Blasted!

    Also, bagnetic, this is a club. But it's a club that wants to serve you dinner Monday-Thursday.

  19. Looks great! My mom lived around the corner from it & the one time we tried to go, there was a wait but the hostesses kept telling us they didn't know how long the wait would be so my mom got all frustrated & we went to In N Out instead. Perhaps next time I'm in that part of town I'll give it a go.

  20. Awesome pics! Makes me hungryhungry again!

  21. Looks like I missed out on some fabulousness! I wonder who Minx's clinetele is? A night on the town in Glendale just doesn't have a nice ring to it.

  22. That onion looks amazing wish I lived 2500 miles closer.

  23. That onion soup looks FANTASTIC!

  24. If you are Mrs. Panna Cotta, then just call me Ms. Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, bacon, scallions, crème fraiche (the II)

  25. I still can't get over the cheesy name and location, but hey, I'll take your word for it. The food looks great!

    P.S. My word verification word is "airized" as in "I hope your place gets airized & back in shape really soon!" :)

  26. O M G. that onion looks ridiculously tasty!!! i would go just for that lol

    i remember all the bad reviews about the old Minx (as a club, not restaurant)... glad they are trying come out from underneath with a fabulous new menu!

  27. I thought this place was a nightclub! We live in Glendale now so I'll definitely have to check this place out.


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