Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yummy Thai Squared: Ruen Pair and Bhan Kanom Thai

Starchy Marie wrote about our visit to Ruen Pair with Delicious Coma, Eat Sip Chew, and Wandering Chopsticks ages ago. What can I say? I'm a lagger.

But I have a big yellow arrow showing you which sign is Ruen Pair's at this popular Thai Town strip mall. That's got to count for something.
ruen pair 001
ruen pair 002
ruen pair 006
ruen pair 005
Just in case you forget where you are while you're eating, this back wall reminds you very clearly. Thanks, Ruen Pair!

Stir-fried morning glory with soy bean sauce (market price).
ruen pair 014
A solid version of my favorite green vegetable.

Papaya salad -- sliced papaya mixed with green bean, tomato, dried shrimp, lime juice, ground peanuts, and fresh crab ($5.95).
ruen pair 015
After having many papaya salads, I can now say this with confidence -- I don't like papaya salad. Yes, I habitually eat things that I don't really love multiple times before I kick them out of my rotation; I like to give all foods a fair shake. But, as far as papaya salads go, this one was a good and spicy one.

Salty vegetable and ground pork in clear soup ($5.95).
ruen pair 017
This reminded me of soups that my mom used to make when I was a kid. Simple but magically perfectly salty.

Deep-fried pompano with spicy chili dressing (market price).
ruen pair 020
ruen pair 024
The best dish of the night for me. It's fried fish! With a humongous dish of chili sauce! What's not to like?

Green curry chicken with bamboo shoots, basil, and coconut milk ($5.95).
ruen pair 026
Pleasant and calming after a fairly fiery papaya salad.

Stew[ed] duck noodles ($5.95) (ordered dry).
ruen pair 028
Loved this. My second-fave dish. It has duck in it. Duh.

After dinner, we crossed the parking lot to Bhan Kanom Thai for dessert.
ruen pair 030
ruen pair 031
Ever wonder what a Thai sweets store is like? Wonder no more.

Panchi -- taro, corn, shredded coconut, sugar (6 for $2.50 or 10 for $4). Grilled sticky rice with banana -- banana, sticky rice, coconut milk, sugar ($1.25).
ruen pair 037
This is a prime example of why I try things that I don't like. I don't like taro. I don't like coconut. But guess what? I effing love panchi! Paaaaanchi! Hot and golden and crunchy and not too sweet. Super good.

The grilled sticky rice was lovely, too. Mr. Monkey was very happy that I brought it home for him.

The panchi stole my heart, though. I thought about it all night, even after all the wonderful dishes at Ruen Pair.


  1. that's some expensive papaya salad. i'll eat all of yours. i LOVE papaya salad. it's one of my MIL's faves, too.

    i LOVE that dessert place. they have some prepackaged goodies that are good, too. these little toast thingies with sugar/cinnamon/sometimes sweet shredded pork, these deep fried, sweet stick things in a can, etc., etc.

    word verification is rotiumm. now i want some roti.

  2. Whoops! I don't know why it said $35. It's only $5.95. :)

  3. damn those duck noodles look good!

  4. Paaaaanchi! I love that stuff too. Bhan Kanom Thai used to have a location in North Hollywood that I'd frequent when I worked in the valley. Panchi made for a much better afternoon snack than office birthday cake!

  5. my friend's mom makes duck noodles for us but I allow myself to ask her to do so once a year lest I be labeled an ungrateful leech. I will have to hit ruen pair for some in the mean time. :)

  6. Is this the same strip mall where the old Palm Thai used to be? I miss that old location. You could get real up close and personal with Thai Elvis.

    I also love that dessert place. I think it's the first place I ever tried Thai sweets. Need to get back there soon.

  7. I am more tempted by the Thai massage sign. They're super expensive here as they only have them in the fancy salons and yet I want one desperately like the ones I had in Thailand.

  8. mmm, i have a soft spot for magically salty soup.

  9. Not a fan of Thai food. I am, however, a fan of yellow arrows.

  10. I'm currently working on a post about Ganda Thai which is in the same parking lot haha and I also got from desserts from that dessert place. Your duck noodles look better than my duck noodles though...

  11. I looove papaya salad. How can we get along when you hate the things I love? Like mushrooms!

  12. Hah I love how dapotato said "that's some expensive papaya salad." I was just about to remark, "that's a cheap papaya salad!" I really need to eat out more outside of WeHo/Westside

  13. "Loved this. My second-fave dish. It has duck in it. Duh."

    This made me laugh. It's something I would say.

  14. And now I want Ruen Pair. Great pictures, lovely!

  15. Hmm I usually eat at Red Corner Asia in that plaza. Maybe I should try Ruen Pair!

  16. I like thai food, but I agree with you - I'm really not a fan of papaya salad.


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