Wednesday, June 9, 2010

dineLA Chef Roundtable

I have the greatest friends. No, really, I do. Remember how I went to LudoBites 4.0 twice because my friends made reservations?

Well, it happened again.
The ever awesome Amber made a reservation immediately for dineLA Chef Roundtable at REDCAT and was kind enough to include this fatty in her lucky party of four.
dinela roundtable 001
Can you believe this panel?

Wolfgang Puck, Karen Hatfield, Joachim Splichal, Susan Feniger, Josiah Citrin, Mark Peel!
dinela roundtable 023
A piggy's dream.

There they were.
dinela roundtable 009dinela roundtable 010
dinela roundtable 032dinela roundtable 016
dinela roundtable 017dinela roundtable 043
Right in front of us.

Among other things, the chefs spoke of their inspirations and mentors, the business of owning and running a restaurant, and the importance of good product.
dinela roundtable 027
dinela roundtable 033
dinela roundtable 056
Amber, Ann Marie, insomniac, and I listened intently. Geeks R Us.

Here's where I get even geekier. The chefs answered one audience question -- what do you cook at home?

Guess who asked that question? I did! I did! We were giddy when my card was picked from the stack!

Here are the chefs' answers to my question:

Puck needs his cappuccino.

Hatfield says that baking at home is torture.

Splichal talks about his twin boys and vegetable garden.

Feniger enjoys having a vodka soda and grilling.

Citrin likes cooking things in one pot.

Peel has fallen in love with his pressure cooker.

But wait! There's more!

After the panel discussion, we were treated to tasty tidbits from Starry Kitchen, including black pork belly banh mi, Asian sesame slaw, jap chae, a cool fruity dessert, and the oh-so-delectable famous crispy tofu balls.
dinela roundtable 060
dinela roundtable 067
dinela roundtable 069
dinela roundtable 083
dinela roundtable 103
We kept going back for balls. We loved the balls.

Susan Feniger did, too.
dinela roundtable 087
Here is Starry Kitchen telling her how to make them.

Amber loves Susan Feniger!
dinela roundtable 071
dinela roundtable 073

Amber loves Mark Peel and Wolfgang Puck!
dinela roundtable 080
dinela roundtable 075 cropped
Ok, we all do.

Thanks so much for a great night.


  1. seriously best panel ever! and those balls look pretty good, too.

    (yes, an actual old aol screenname of mine)

  2. man, those balls are everywhere nowadays!

  3. i wish i'd have known about this - brother wan would've benefited greatly from something like that!

  4. I'm so glad you were able to join me! It really was a ridiculously amazing night - I'm still smiling from it. :)

  5. fun!! good question monkey!

  6. So jealous! Wish I could have made it!

    BTW... great question! And since you asked, I cook quinoa and veggies at home. ;)

  7. Me hart the feniger n wolfie too!

  8. SUNNABIIII!#$@#$@!%#@$

    I had a confirmation, even knew where to park for free. Instead I got mired in re-tiling hell. So totally J!

    Worst part of the evening was eating at Spitz while you guys were doing Q&As. So pissed.

  9. Fun! I really want to try those balls.

  10. You do have some pretty great friends!

  11. A food nerd's dream come true! So cool!!!

  12. Hi weezermonkey,

    Wow! That's so awesome. :) I'm jealous. :) It sounds like a lovely time. Thanks for the insight into this event.

  13. I can't even tell you how jealous I am of this outing. Fabulous people, amazing food... Wow. Sounds like a truly amazing night!

  14. Looks like you girls had a blast! I was too slow in getting tickets...

  15. You're so lucky! A is an incredible friend :)


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