Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quick and Quite Good: Quan Hy

Based on Wandering Chopsticks' recommendation, we tried Quan Hy (9727 Bolsa Avenue, Westminster) on our way home from a weekend San Diego jaunt.
So glad we heeded her advice! Quan Hy is exactly what we wanted -- tasty, quick, nice enough to sit comfortably, and casual enough for Mr. Monkey to wear a Dodger jersey and shorts.

Soda chanh and ca phe sua da -- lemon soda ($2.50) and iced coffee with condensed milk ($3.50).
Tart and refreshing for me. Creamy and caffeine-packed for him.

Banh beo -- steamed rice cakes with shredded shrimp ($5.50).
Oh, little rice cake, I love you so. I love that you are just one in a set of starchy octuplets. I love that you're delicate yet satisfying. I love that you're topped with contrasting crunch. I wish I could eat you every day. I want to make a life with you.

Goi cuon tom thit -- spring rolls with shrimp and pork ($5.00).
Spring roll, you dazzle me with your colorful beauty. You intrigue me with your surprise golden crackle inside. You are a worthy dalliance, but you are not my true love. My heart belongs to banh beo.

Hu tiu hy -- hy rice noodles with shrimp and pork ($7.50).
Lovely noodles, you're like family -- warm and reliable and familiar.

Xoi ga quan hy -- quan hy fried sweet rice and fried shredded chicken ($9.50).
Fried chicken and fried sweet rice, you're my best friend who can always make me smile. You've got pizzazz. You've got flava. You've got sweetness.

I'm not sure if I'd drive all the way to Westminster just for Quan Hy, but, if you're in the area, it is absolutely worth a visit. Delicious and fast meal!


  1. One of these days I'm going to have to go to LA just to eat at all these cool places.

  2. oh yum. but there are so many other reasons to visit westminster, too! $1.50 banh mi that actually is quite delicious, real chicken pho with fresh rice noodles, 8 courses of fish, 7 courses of beef...

  3. Cool! I'll have to ask my sister in law about this place - she probably knows about it since Wandering Chopsticks is her idol. Next time you're in the OC holler at a Greek woman!! (well actually I'm house sitting in Eagle rock the next 2 weeks so not really).

  4. i haven't had my caffeine yet this morning, so mr. mo's creamy coffee looks DIVINE.

  5. I'm intrigued by these steamed rice cakes you describe so tantalizingly. Would like one in my mouth right now!

  6. LMAO at "I want to make a life with you." I think Mr. monkey would have to be on board with that one.

  7. Good to know! Always looking for new yummy eats when I'm down visiting the fam in the OC. Maybe I'll drag Anna there with me! ;)

  8. My favorite banh beo. :)

    So glad you liked it too.

  9. What a darling post! Cute cute cute.

  10. That's about the nicest looking VN restaurant in Lil Saigon vicinities. I can't wait to actually hit the Central VN region to stuff my face.

  11. that IS a nice looking restaurant. now i'm craving banh beo.

  12. haven't had banh beo in a long mom use to feed us that as our afterschool snack. oc is so freakin' far :(

  13. This seem to be a bit more upscale than the usual Vietnamese places I've seen in Little Saigon, but the prices looks to reflect on that. The food looked great though!

  14. Oooh I love me some delicious banh beo! (thankfully I think Quan Hy/Quan Hop makes a vegetarian version.)

    Have you been to its sister restaurant Quan Hop? A little be sleeker and chic-er, and a more streamlined menu.

    Oh and next time, try their banh it ram--it's little pieces of heaven, I SWEAR!

  15. looove quan hy! the banh beo is my favorite there, too! if i want spring rolls, brodard is still #1 in my book.


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