Sunday, August 8, 2010

25 Degrees of Burgeration

I think I've found my favorite burger in Los Angeles. At least for now.
25 degrees 04025 degrees 003
25 degrees 001
25 Degrees has won my heart until another burger sweeps me off my feet. Don't hold your breath. I'm a whore when it comes to burgers. I fall in lust easily.

Mr. Monkey remains faithful to Umami. He liked 25 Degrees, but he wasn't head-over-heels like I was. Still, he had no complaints and was very happy with our meal. Look at that smile!

But me? I became a raving lunatic for 25 Degrees after just a couple bites.

Arnold Palmer.
25 degrees 008
Our usual classic half lemonade, half iced tea. Quite a nice version.

Number 2 -- roasted tomato, crispy prosciutto, burrata, pesto ($12 with a side).
25 degrees 016
25 degrees 020
Enjoyable. How could it not be? Did you read those ingredients? But I don't think burrata belongs on a burger. It has too much water in it and inevitably soaks through the bun. I probably wouldn't get this again, but it was a valiant effort. If you can't resist this attractive combination of toppings, I recommend eating this burger as quickly as possible to avoid a soggy bun.

Number 1 -- caramelized onion, prelibato gorgonzola, crescenza, bacon, arugula, thousand island (I subbed garlic aioli instead) ($12 with a side).
25 degrees 023
25 degrees 028
This is called Number 1 for a reason. This is the burger that made me swoon. Big. Meaty. Juicy. Two delectable cheeses. Bacon. Packed with flavor. It's Number 1! It's Number 1! sinosoul was right, down to the detail of asking for garlic aioli in lieu of thousand island dressing. He is probably smirking as he reads this.

25 Degrees is a pretty good deal for what you get. Sure, you can build your own burger and add whatever you like. But why would you when, for $12, you can get one of three signature burgers and a very generous side?

And the sides are damn good.

Half & Half.
25 degrees 010
Overflowing golden onion rings and French fries. As awesome as they look.

Chopped vegetable salad with avocado, grapes, tomatoes, beets, pine nuts, white beans, ranch, and parmesano reggiano.
25 degrees 014
A most excellent salad. Yes, I just called a salad "excellent." Perfect for a summer day.

The sweets at 25 Degrees don't disappoint either.

Strawberry milkshake ($6).
25 degrees 031
25 degrees 033
25 degrees 03525 degrees 036
Mr. Monkey ordered this, but there was plenty extra for me to try in the metal cup.

Warm apple crustade with vanilla ice cream ($9).
25 degrees 039
We didn't expect much, but this warm flaky dessert pleasantly surprised us! Loved the caramel and the ice cream, too.

There wasn't one thing that I didn't like at 25 Degrees. That doesn't happen often.


  1. You and mista monkey eat well! i will have to check out 25 degrees when i come back home. and i do love that first flag pic on the upper right hand side :)

  2. I keep meaning to take my boyfriend to 25 Degrees, but alas it has not happened yet. The prices are more reasonable than I expected!

  3. I just sent this link to my friend with the message, "I want this."

    I think I've found my next cheeseburger destination spot!

  4. yum! those burgers looks sooo juicy and good. xo

  5. i will probably be the only one to comment on the salad (bc i can't eat the burgers!) but that salad looks amazing! I may need to try this place...

  6. and smirk I did.

    Guinness shake is the inspiration for ALL "beer floats" in LA, and for my own oatmeal stout ice cream. Res-fucking-pect.

    I personally enjoy how burger talks always turn to whores and hookers. O yes.

  7. How cute is Mr.Mo?

    I'd like a #1 with a side of onion rings, please!s

  8. that looks good! i am quite the burger whore myself....yum.

  9. I admit, once I saw your pics I quickly scrolled to the bottom. Didn't work. That first image is seared in my mind. My stomach's growling and I left my wallet at home. Sad face.

  10. OMG, I fell in love with those burgers just based on the bread!

    I <3 me some carbs.

  11. It's on my list, but now I might bump it up on my list and try it. Wanna join me sometime Monkey Clan?? :)

  12. I love 25 degrees. The #1 is amazing. And there is one in OC :)

  13. mmmmm 25 degrees is soooo good! Have you tried Lucky Devils in Hollywood? My friends argue between 25 degrees and Lucky Devils all the time about which is the better burger. I'll have to go and investigate. :)

  14. OMG I know itd be good by just looking at the glossy buns. Is this at the Roosevelt? Looks casual

  15. I was a huge 25 Degrees fan...until I got salmonella from there. It was absolutely that restaurant too because it's the only place that hubby and I ate from a different batch of food.

    Eat at your own risk :/

  16. i think i need to take the bear here, then maybe drinks at the roosevelt.

  17. Looks like I'm headed back for that salad and that milkshake! Love 25 Degrees!

  18. Okay, I want all of that!

    For me, my favorite burger of all time still lies with the one at Carnevino. So. Damn. Tasty.

  19. I've got to take my hubs there. He's going to love this place.

  20. yum, that shake looks really good right about now. i'm a huge fan of their turkey burger ... best i've had since i can remember.

    hope you're well!

  21. i just ate dinner, but i'm drooling. damn.


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