Monday, August 2, 2010

Beauty and the Bistro LQ


Looking for gorgeous innovative French cuisine? Get thee to Bistro LQ.
bistro lq 002
bistro lq 004
The place is simply decorated -- all the better for you to admire your beautiful food. On this night, Amber and insomniac helped me enjoy several masterpieces. Lovely company for a lovely dinner!

Amuse bouche -- octopus and pico de gallo.
bistro lq 015
What an exquisite first bite! Fresh! Happy!

Lobster salad, duck prosciutto, mango tartar, melon gum, vanilla oil ($15).
bistro lq 021
So much going on, and yet it worked wonderfully. Salty, tangy, sweet, yum.

Artichokes, goat cheese curd, tomatoes confit ($13).
bistro lq 022
I don't even like artichokes that much, and this hit the spot. What can I say? The goat cheese curd won me over.

Sepia lightly fried, Spanish chorizo dressing, salted cod, crème fraîche potatoes, poached egg ($25).
bistro lq 023
bistro lq 027
Wow. Superb. The textures. The flavors. Everything. Damn good fried cuttlefish.

Duck 2 Ways -- duck breast and confit leg, shishito pepper, Bergamot miso jus, yuzu glaze, miso lemon curd ($29).
bistro lq 028
bistro lq 031
Monkey want a quacker! My gracious cohorts indulged my need for duck. Best I've ever had? No. Glad we ordered it? Yes, oh, yes. Gnawed on that leg like a spoiled dog.

Rabbit tart, confit leg, sauteed filet, fig compote with vanilla, summer greens ($26).
bistro lq 034
bistro lq 037
Another dish with a lot of components. Again, a possible recipe for disaster. But no! Success! Loved loved loved the tart. A small pile of savory goodness on top of a perfectly flaky pastry disk. Magnifique!

French-pressed coffee and pre-dessert.
bistro lq 042bistro lq 046
Amber got a little pick-me-up beverage for her long drive home, as we all noshed on our individual pre-desserts. Yes, we each got this cute array of goodies!

Lychee mousse tart, black sesame mochi ice cream ($8).
bistro lq 050
We had different opinions about this dessert. Well, Amber and insomniac agreed, and I was the odd man out. We all liked the lychee items, but only I liked the black sesame items. Actually, "like" isn't strong enough for how I feel. I adore black sesame! Amber and insomniac do not. Actually, "do not" isn't strong enough for how they feel. More for me!

Pistachio mousse, spice cake, strawberry and rhubarb sorbet ($8).
bistro lq 052
bistro lq 053
We all enjoyed this. It's pistachio! Instant win! The strawberry and rhubarb sorbet, however, was the real pucker-producing stand-out. It's not often that sorbet steals the show!

bistro lq 056
Hello, cutie patooties. Welcome to my tummy, especially you there in the green and you in the black. Pistachio and black sesame macarons, you're on my VIP list.

My sole complaint about Bistro LQ is that the lighting is dreadful, but I suppose most people don't mind dining in the dark. It's only bloggers who seek good lighting.

Here are our before and after receipts -- behold our tasty deal!
bistro lq 059
Thank you for the 30% off our entire bill, Blackboard Eats! Quite the satisfying meal for $45 per person!


  1. Rabbits, duck, lobster oh my! You had all my favs. And I go crazy for black sesame so I am really curious about that gelato. Good job on the BBE discount!

  2. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but your photos are AMAZING! *AMAZING!*

  3. receipt pictures! *snort*
    (but in this context, there is a valid reason for them).

    yeah, the photos are good! and the food looks good, too.

  4. I LOVE Bistro LQ. Even without the BBE coupon, it's a steal. And the pics, scrumptious as usual.

  5. I've been wanting to check out Bistro LQ and even more so after reading your post. Always beautiful photos Sharon!

  6. mm, duck prosciutto and duck 2 ways! sounds good! and 30 percent off! wow!

  7. I must have missed that Blackboard Eats special! Shakes fists in the air!

    I love me some quacker. I am very intrigued by this duck proscuitto and duck two ways...

  8. Pretty, pretty photos!!

    Went here w/ Mr. & Mrs. SinoSoul & BOLA a little bit ago and destroyed the entire overtures menu & cheese course--it was so good and a bargain w/ BBE.

    We can go here w/ Mika!

  9. Wow, I'm in love with this meal you ate! Lobster and duck prosciutto? Goat cheese? Nice.

  10. For the record, I like black seasame, just not as dessert. ;) Such a fun night with you ladies, even if I about fell asleep on the drive home. Heh.

  11. yesss the rabbit was sooo good. Wanted to try the duck but I already ordered way too much, We were too full so we didnt get to order dessert which is a pity cuz black sesame mochi ice cream sounds great!

  12. Is vanilla oil a new thing on everything or am I just beginning to notice?

  13. Okay, so I need to break the habit of just deleting the emails Blackboard Eats sends me...

  14. Great looking pics as usual WM!

    I too enjoyed my meal at Bistro LQ, actually pleasantly surprised actually. The prices itself sans BBE is quite reasonable, but with it was a steal! I can't wait to go back. That uni tapioca dish was dynamic!

  15. No cheese plate?? I LOVE their cheese plate!! Great job with the pics.

  16. You posted a receipt picture! Hee. I really like the presentation of the lychee and sesame dish! It's like a piece of painting.

  17. dude, you know i'd have been with you on that black sesame. don't love lychee. but you knew that.


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