Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just Take Yourself Here: JTYH Restaurant

For about a year now, my co-workers and I have been making repeat trips to JTYH Restaurant (9425 Valley Blvd., Rosemead).

While many people visit for the dao xiao mian (knife-cut noodles), my favorite thing here is the cat ears ($5.75). Don't gasp. I'm talking about Chinese orecchiette stir-fried with scrambled egg and pork.
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jtyh 022josie 012
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The potstickers (10 for $5.25), pan-fried buns (10 for $6.25 to $6.95, depending on filling), and pancake with beef ($5.25) are also good choices.

Small bowls of dao xiao mian (in beef, lamb, and seafood versions) cost $4.75. Large bowls are $5.95. I find that the small bowls are more than enough, even to share.

Avoid all non-noodle, non-bun, non-pancake, non-dumpling entrees here (e.g., the last two photos above). They are damn close to being terrible.

When you go to JTYH, just dough it.


  1. I love their mu shu cat ears! I once brought my non-Asian-food-savvy coworker a copy of their menu (back when it was Heavy Noodling) and showed her the "cat ear" dish. She thought it was for real & almost puked. Heh.

  2. Even though JT cheated on J Biels, I still think he's hot ;-)

    I heart the cat ears too!

  3. Man those noodles look tasty right now. I really need to take myself to JTYH soon!

  4. I like you very much, but eating real cat ears would have lost me as well. ;) The dumplings sound so good to me right now!!

  5. "Just dough it."

    You don't have to tell me that twice! Carbs are essential to my existence.

  6. i love their cat ears too! so chewy...also helps that i am a dog person and i chew up cats as snacks.

  7. just dough it - oh you and the puns, weemo. looks delicious (except for the last two, of course)!

  8. A few other goodies:

    korean cold noodles (off menu/wall item) $4.99 or $5.99 for a pretty decent bowl of nyeng myun (sp?)

    Combination Dry Noodles - my mom used to order this for me whenever I was sick. Still love it today.

  9. LOL @ "just dough it." I love noodles, so I'll have to try this place next time I'm in that neighborhood.


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