Monday, November 1, 2010

Salt and Pepper and Sizzling Rice: Green Island

Green Island (9556 Las Tunas Drive, Temple City) is a reliable, fast, and child-friendly Chinese cafe with some Malaysian and Singaporean touches.
green island 017sgv 021
sgv 020
We come here regularly with our niece, and she is never the only child there.

Roti canai ($2.99).
sgv 027
Hard to mess up but still not nearly as good as roti canai should be.

Scrambled egg with dried turnip ($2.99).
sgv 030
A simple traditional Chinese comfort food favorite.

Squid with pepper salt ($6.99).
sgv 036
Can't go wrong with pepper salt dishes.

Chicken wings with pepper salt ($6.99).
green island 002
More pepper salt!

Bean curd with pepper salt and X.O. sauce ($6.99).
green island 005
Yeah, we really love pepper salt.

Fried thick noodles Shanghai-style ($6.99).
sgv 038
Chewy. Happy. Yay.

Black pork belly with bok choy in hot pot ($7.99).
green island 003
All the bok choy makes it good for you.

Pan-fried radish patties ($2.99).
green island 010
There's always room for luo buo gao.

Sizzling eel fried rice ($8.99).
sgv 022sgv 025
green island 009
You must get at least one sizzling rice dish here!

Spareribs in black bean sauce with rice hot pot ($6.75).
green island 014
Like home in a bowl.

Sweet fried crepe ($4.25).
green island 008
Sadly, dessert is not so great at Green Island.

You're better off ending with some frozen yogurt a few doors down.


  1. i like their chewy noodles too and the sizzling the egg dish pops!

  2. That's a good lookin' spread, Rivers! Love chewy rice cakes!

  3. Definitely reliable for sure! I've only seen it improve over the years. I really like their oxtails with lily root, and the pork belly with boy choy isn't bad either.

  4. Yum! And now I'm craving for Chinese food thanks to your pictures.


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