Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Far From Ambrosial: Green Goddess

Green Goddess seems beloved by many folks in New Orleans. I don't know why, especially when there is so much incredible food in New Orleans. This was easily our worst meal in New Orleans to date.
Like Jacques-Imo's, Green Goddess does not take reservations, so we put in our name, left my cell phone number, and walked around the neighborhood until we got a call. Unlike Jacques-Imo's, however, Green Goddess severely underwhelmed.

Jasmine Ginger Ale ($3.50)
Meyer Lemon GUS ($3.75)
Maine Root Ginger Brew ($3.50)
There was no shortage of tasty bottled sodas.

The Green Goddess Wedge Salad -- boiled Louisiana shrimp, radishes, cucumber, hearts of palm, hearts of Romaine, sieved eggs, crumbled bacon, Romano cheese, Green Goddess dressing ($14).
Fresh and tasty but not particularly exciting.

Phnom Penh pork belly, star anise caramel sauce, lettuce cups with sesame soba noodles and crunchy, spicy slaw ($14).
Too sweet. Too salty. Too bad.

Louisiana bangers and mash -- duck and pork sausages, mashed local sweet potatoes, Steen's cane syrup ($14).
Adequate but uninspired.

Special of the day.
The only thing I remember about this fish was that it was ridiculously salty. Terrible.

The Notorious Bacon Sundae -- pecan praline ice cream, creamy bacon caramel sauce, Pink Himalayan and Black Lava salts, Nueske's applewood bacon, whipped cream ($8).
This was the one highlight of the night. Of course, it required no cooking. Thumbs up.

Iced Union Coffee & Chicory with condensed milk ($3.25).
This coffee was very good as well. At least we ended on a nice sweet note.

Green Goddess is so-called international fusion food with heavy-handed, misguided attempts at Asian accents. It does New Orleans a great injustice. If you're in town for a visit, especially if you're from a city that does Asian food well, skip Green Goddess.


  1. We were underwhelmed by Green Goddess too. Who is writing all of these good reviews? Shills? Ringers?

  2. you know i'd have visited this joint for that bacon sundae alone.

  3. i went here with my family and had the exact same thought. what a waste of new orleans.


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