Monday, July 5, 2010

Pretty Pretty Petrossian

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The space is pretty. The food is pretty. My friends, dapotato and Winnie, are pretty. And Winnie's photos of our meal are the prettiest of all. She is a real photographer. Sigh.

Complimentary blinis (usually $18).
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Manager Chris kindly treated us to this stunning plate of caviar on top of cream on top of billowy little pancakes of yum. The blinis were lined up according to increasing levels of flavor. Chris recommended that we eat them in order of saltiness, and we appreciated his explanation of the differences in the caviar. What a grand way to start!

Crispy egg, cipollini onion soubise, smoked salmon, caviar ($18).
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Golden crunch on the outside! Yolky surprise on the inside! Complex. Exquisite. Inspired.

Wild mushroom cappuccino ($10).
petrossian 042
Creamy and frothy and wondrous. Kudos to the master mushroom barista in the back. And I don't even like fungi.

Foie gras, haricot verts, toasted walnut, black truffle vinaigrette ($14).
petrossian 046
You know green beans are really really really good when they make you forget that you have a big slab of foie gras on top of them. Cool and crisp. If you like crunch, you'll love this. Big contrast between the fresh green beans and walnuts and the silky foie gras.

Caviar pizza, crème fraiche, chives, capers, red onion ($26).
petrossian 050
This is no ordinary pizza. It is a fancy-schmancy flatbread smothered with expensive stuff and served cold. You'll savor every last interesting bite of it.

Truffle burger, caramelized onion, truffle cheese ($22).
petrossian 058
petrossian 060
We wanted something without caviar in it, so we opted for some good ol' hearty beef. The burger is usually served on brioche, but the kitchen was out of brioche, so our burger was served on focaccia instead. Still awesome. This is probably a safe bet if you're dining with anybody who has a less adventurous palate.

Vanilla panna cotta, exotic fruit marmalade, pop rocks ($10).
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petrossian 079
Snap, crackle, pop! So fun! Fine dining needs more levity. Throwing pop rocks into a creamy and slightly tart dessert? Mad genius. We giggled a lot as we ate this. Pop rocks are surprisingly loud!

Pistachio creme brulee, macerated strawberries, hibiscus ($10).
petrossian 073
petrossian 076
I have a passion for pistachio, so it is no surprise that this sweet ending pleased me greatly. Like I-want-to-lick-the-glass greatly.

Petrossian kicked ass. I look forward to returning to try more of the menu, even without a Blackboard Eats discount.


  1. Looks really pretty! BTW, I really like your new blog layout. I'm sure you changed it months ago and I'm going to feel stupid for just noticing it a week or so ago. lol

  2. Hah, I think the less adventurous palate could be used to describe me! My experience at Petrossian was only so-so because, as I realized mid-way through my meal, I'm not a huge fan of caviar! Did love the egg and the John Dory fish dish though.

  3. This all looks so good! I love caviar and haven't had it forever, so this made me wish I could be eating those cute little blinis right this second.

  4. Hello Petrossian Bloggete #202! I want to go back for some of those crispy eggs you had and now you're making me regret not popping my foie gras cherry with that big ol slab. Beautiful pics as always.

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I think your photos are terrific. I really enjoyed seeing the same subjects from someone else's perspective. Plus, your writing is 1,000 times better than mine.

  6. oooh how decadent. i MUST go one of these days.

  7. FAAARK! I didn't even get the blini's. :sadface: think I'm gonna go cut myself now.

  8. "Less adventurous palate" + truffles+ burger= happy Misty :) haha

  9. I don't think I've ever seen so many dishes with caviar! They must buy it at Costco.

  10. What a fun meal! Cool peeps, too. :)

  11. Those pics are uber gorgeous!!! I can relive my recent meals at Petrossian through your post...mmmm the crispy egg, the blinis!

  12. Beautiful photos as usual. Even with all the blogger love, I still haven't made it there. lol Hopefully, soon. :)

  13. I've never had a blini before and I really want one now. Your pics look amazing!

  14. darn, wish I signed up for that 30%. I didn't because I was just there for dineLA.. but everything you got looks great (esp the mushroom soup and foie/haricot vert). I <3 BBE!

  15. Hi weezermonkey,

    Nice! :) Petrossian is slowly moving up my long "to try" list. :) Thanks for the thoughts and pics.

  16. winnie = real photographer.
    you = real food blogger.
    me = real...eater? ha.

    'twas so much fun and delicious! as always, eating with you is the best.

  17. I miss eating with you guys.

  18. Glad you had a great time at Petrossian!


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