Monday, April 6, 2009

San Francisco Treat, Part I

Mr. Monkey surprised me with a trip to San Francisco this weekend. He found a JetBlue flight that cost only $14! Incredible!

Initially, however, I was upset.
"What? Who's going with you? Because you know I'm finishing up my trial brief, motions in limine, and examinations this weekend, right?"

"Umm...oh yeah. Uh oh."
Luckily, this all changed on Friday. I still don't know what Mr. Monkey was planning to do if I were still going to trial.

I guess we'll never know!

After all of our great priceline and Hotwire experiences, it seemed we were due for a not-so-great room. Here's our $57 hotel (regular price $130 -- insane). Totally not what BetterBidding predicted for us. Major boo.
san francisco 001
san francisco 002
san francisco 003
san francisco 006
Great location and really nice employees, but it was not our style and was in dire need of renovation. You can't win 'em all! No worries. We only spent five hours in this place. Sleeping.

We walked a couple blocks and decided to ride a cable car.
san francisco 009
san francisco 011
san francisco 012
san francisco 013
We got on the most crowded cable car ever. The only place for me to stand was at the very front on the last bit of running board left.
san francisco 016
I clutched a pole tightly and took some photos while balancing gingerly on the running board, barreling up and down steep hills.
san francisco 020
san francisco 025
san francisco 029
We survived our harrowing ride to Hyde and Beach and got into tourist mode.
san francisco 039
san francisco 040
san francisco 046
Most people go to Ghirardelli Square for chocolate. I go for Kara's Cupcakes.
san francisco 043
san francisco 045san francisco 047
san francisco 048
san francisco 049
san francisco 050
san francisco 051
Passion Fruit -- vanilla cupcake with passion fruit filling and vanilla buttercream.
san francisco 056
san francisco 059
Fleur de Sel -- chocolate cupcake with caramel filling, ganache frosting, and fleur de sel. Too much for my allergic-to-chocolate self, so Mr. Monkey went to town.
san francisco 062
san francisco 064
Kara's Karrot -- moist carrot cupcake with a silky soft cream cheese frosting.
san francisco 058
san francisco 067
We walked down the historic (and apparently dangerous) pier.
san francisco 113
san francisco 070
san francisco 071
We watched these two cute sea lions cavorting in the water for a long time.
san francisco 090
san francisco 101
san francisco 107
Seagulls galore.
san francisco 083
san francisco 108
san francisco 110
san francisco 111
Views of the mainland.
san francisco 115
san francisco 116
san francisco 118
Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.
san francisco 126

san francisco 123
Tooling around Fisherman's Wharf.
san francisco 130
san francisco 131
san francisco 132
san francisco 133
san francisco 135san francisco 136
san francisco 137
san francisco 146
san francisco 142
san francisco 143
san francisco 144
san francisco 148
Then it was time to get ready for dinner. That's Part II.

And it truly deserves its own post.

But, until then, more pics of Part I here.


  1. i have a photo of the bear with a bear just like that...except it was in huntington beach.

    what a deal!

  2. These pics are great! What a nice trip.

  3. That hotel room is hilarious. I really need to find a good cupcake place in Philly. I am so darn picky about my cupcakes.

  4. Sounds like it was an awesome trip so far! I'm definitely starring this post so I remember to go to Kara's cupcakes when I get to San Francisco.

  5. What a nice treat from Mr. Monkey. We're heading to San Francisco in September for our anniversary so can't wait to see what restaurant you went to.

  6. Ha ha --Wouldn't have believed the Fitzgerald decor without photos. Hilarious! (Since I'm not the one who had to sleep there)

  7. That Mr. Monkey he is a sneaky one. I loved looking at your pictures as they reminded me of our trip to SF two years ago. I am mildly jealous as I didn't know about the cupcake place when I went. Noted for future trips to SF.

  8. I'm so confused. Everytime I visit San Francisco we spend the entire time at the MOMA. Who would have guessed there was anything else in that city ;-)

  9. add me to the list of people who are laughing at that hotel...especially after seeing pics of the other amazing places where you've stayed!

    looks like the weather cooperated.;)

  10. I don't save on hotel rooms there. Even with pricey places it's hard to find a nice room :-/ We were there the weekend before. I hope the weather was nice for you too.

  11. I was in SF this weekend too! I just got back last night. Kara's cupcakes are so good! Went there on Sat.. Your post is making me wish I had one right now.

  12. sooooo envious!! i miss the bay area SO much and going through this post actually made he heartsick!! :-( must.go.soon!! p.s. kara's looks a LOT like sprinkles to me! passionfruit cupcake has my name all over it!

  13. Man, I so wish we would have been able to take advantage of that flight, what a great deal!!

  14. That's such a great deal. Love the photos, as always. That hotel room looks tragic, especially comparing to the other hotels you've stayed in the past.

  15. We always visit that cupcake place to in G Square. Their best cupcake is the chocolate with vanilla frosting and white sprinkles.

    I'm usually adverse to sprinkles but these were really good!

  16. Mr. Monkey is truly a bargain travel ninja. How does he always score these amazing deals?

    And I can't believe the amazingly clear and gorgeous weather you had this past weekend. So lovely.

  17. You are allergic to chocolate?? How do you live??

  18. Awesome mini trip - just what you needed, right? Even though M and I go there often, we never seem to make use of all that SF has to offer. Great photos!

  19. I loved your pictures. San Francisco is a great city, and your photos reminded me how much I miss living there.

  20. Where is your hubby finding these crazy airline deals?!?

  21. I could have watched the sea lions cavorting all day. Phe-nom photos, as usual.

  22. Those sea lion pics are awesome! What a fun impromptu trip.

  23. Next time you're in SF you must go to Taylor's Refresher. The famous one is out in Napa but this place is just as great.

    I miss eating in SF.

  24. 14 dolla????

    can you please do something with this amazing photography gift you have?

    Maybe even do an art gallery theme party for your birthday and display your best work???

  25. * For someone who lived a stone's throw away from SF for 18 years, it's sad I've never been on a cable car, no?
    * $14?!? so awesome!
    * I want that passion fruit cupcake stat!
    * The bread animals at Boudin are so dang cute.

  26. You know, Hubbs has never been to S.F. This post reminds me that we need to take a trip there sometime.

    I think one of those bread creatures had googly eyes.

  27. Love it, as always. I am headed there in a few weeks w/a friend and nabum and looking through your SF posts. We're going to Hog Island and Trish's Donuts - I think they are in the same area as Kara's so I'm adding that to the list also. Thanks!


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