Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Bazaar Brunch

For those of you expecting a recap of our anniversary weekend in Vancouver, prepare to wait. For those of you ready to see the whimsical, creative food of The Bazaar by José Andrés in the daytime, rejoice!
bazaar 004
Like the magical dinner we had earlier this year, brunch is innovative and entertaining. Sitting on the patio makes it even more so. We felt like we were in the outdoor library of a crazy person with a penchant for orange and predilection for organized clutter. I felt right at home, of course.
bazaar 001
bazaar 003

Bloody Mary with freshly-made tomato juice and celery-wasabi foam ($16).
bazaar 017
Our friend let me have a sip. Very interesting and appreciated, but not really my speed. Mr. Monkey liked it, though, but he is a fiend for tomato juice and wasabi.

Housemade lemonade with freshly-squeezed lemon juice and rosemary syrup ($6).
bazaar 012
Tart and lovely. The touch of rosemary gave it a little extra something.

"Evolving" iced tea with pineapple flavored ice cubes ($6).
bazaar 019
I enjoyed this freshly brewed premium tea, but I was hoping for a bit of sweetness. All I got was the essence of the fruit, no sugar.

The brunch tasting menu ($40), which is ever-changing, is a convenient and cost-effective way to sample a strong array of morning-appropriate tapas. We especially enjoyed experiencing this with friends. Few things are better than communal feasting.

All of the following tapas were included in our tasting menu in May (when I was still using my kit lens, mind you). Prices in parentheses are regular non-tasting menu prices.

Bagel and lox cone ($5 per person).
bazaar 022
So dainty! So delicate! So fun! The globules go pop, pop, pop in your mouth! The little cone is light and crisp!

Watermelon tomato skewers with Pedro Ximenez reduction and lemon dressing ($8).
bazaar 027
I was skeptical about the combination but quickly converted. Very refreshing.

Boneless chicken wings with green olive purée ($9).
bazaar 030
Why can't all wings be boneless? Seriously, just like this. I'm not talking about wing-shaped reconstituted chicken nugget faux boneless shit. I'm not even a big fan of wings (yeah, I know, total weirdo), and I loved these crispy crunchy bites. They left grease stains on the paper. You know that's good.

Organized Caesar with quail egg and parmesan ($8).
bazaar 034
Cutest salad ever! And tasty to boot! None of the ingredients will surprise you, perhaps save the quail egg, but the composition is exquisite. There is something to be said about beautiful presentation.

12 tiny eggs sunny side up -- huevos a la Cubana "Andy Garcia" ($12).
bazaar 036
I have no idea what Andy Garcia has to do with this, but mad props to him, the 12 tiny eggs, the bacon shreds, the toasty bed of rice underneath, and dollops of tomato and what I think was banana purée. Whatever it was, the mixture of the different flavors actually worked very well. Such a merry morning morsel!

Beef hanger steak with piquillo pepper confit ($10).
bazaar 042
As modern as the culinary wizardry is at The Bazaar, the kitchen still turns out solid Spanish classics, and this was evidence of it. Ah, if only all evidence were this rich and succulent!

Catalan spinach with apples, pine nuts, and raisins ($8).
bazaar 043
When I lived in D.C., one of my favorite things to eat was espinacas a Catalana at Jaleo just down the street from my law school. With each delicious bite, I was transported back to my first encounter with the artistry of José Andrés. This spinach still makes me swoon. Yes, I swoon over spinach. It's good spinach, damn it.

SLS tres chocolate mousse ($12).
bazaar 052
bazaar 055
bazaar 060
How often do you get to pipette chocolate on top of chocolate on top of chocolate? And then eat it all? This lovely combo of various textures is sure to please any chocolate lover. It even pleased me, and I'm no chocolate lover. In fact, I'm a tad allergic. Shh.

Greek yogurt panna cotta with apricots and muscat gelatin ($12).
bazaar 049
Just as yummy as the last time I had it.

If it's not obvious already, I absolutely adore The Bazaar by José Andrés. (And, for what it's worth, I'm totally rooting for Michael Voltaggio on Top Chef, who was the executive chef here when we dined.) If you haven't visited yet, brunch is easier on the wallet and still gives you a decent glimpse of all the fun to be had. Go!

Now I just need to try high tea here. It's only $26. Who's in?


  1. yum. still a little too rich for my blood, price-wise, even if it i agree that it's a good deal.

    the bear doesn't like wings much, either. i'm ok with 'em as long as i get the drumsticks and the sauce is really, really good.

  2. I love the Andy Garcia. Too cute. And those desserts look amazing. Count me in for tea. ; )

  3. I can't agree more with your chicken wings comment!

  4. I'm so glad to hear your love for all things Jose. I'm a prep chef for cooking shows and I've worked with him a few times. He's an absolute sweetheart- I like to say that he's my fantasy uncle. Just so zany, friendly and warm.

  5. amazing. heading there soon. now thinking about the brunch instead of dinner option.

  6. I wanna go! I've never been to tea before!

  7. The watermelon doesn't phase me a bit - I've been putting it in all my salads this summer. Cause I'm nuts to begin with.

    And the twelve tiny eggs make me nervous....I wonder if there are a lot of sparrows around the restaurant...or if there used to be....

  8. I imagine that a modern-day Alice in Wonderland would have high tea here. Such pretty pretty food.

  9. Damn fine photos for a kit lense, Rivers. I love the presentation at The Bazaar, but always yearn for crazier flavor combos.

  10. Me for Tea!

    So lovely. Mr. Insom hit up Bazaar without me. I was so pissed.

  11. Oooh I dig the food presentation. Very pretty.

  12. I would definitely be up for some high tea! Everything is so cute looking! Especially those boneless chicken wings. :)

  13. So interesting and delicious looking! I love it when I can pipette things too. Is it wrong I want that Rosemary Lemonade more than anything else? It must be the heat.

    And High Tea looks amazing

  14. if i ever come to la, let's meet there for a meal :-).

  15. the photos, the food, the abundance of orange....all of it was DELICIOUS!

  16. I would like to bathe in the mousse please. thanks.

  17. Wow. Just wow! Great photos per the weezermonkey standard. :)

  18. Ooh, $26 for high tea isn't bad. Depends when? But I'd like to try.

  19. Why do I feel like your meals are getting more and more sophisticated? I can't relate! (as IF I was able to before, hee hee). Also, I don't remember ever going to Jaleo. I was more of a Quick Pita kind of DC girl. =)

  20. never would have thought to go here for brunch--great photos too. we experienced bazaar at LA taste of the nation and loved it!

  21. It's all so cute! I'd definitely be up for high tea, or even brunch if you care to do that again. :)

    I'm gaga for spinach, too, especially if it's done right.

  22. Lost count after $60, but I think this was a $100 brunch. BALLAH!

    The photos look nothing like the Bazaar I know at night time. Must revisit for brunch. I believe they have a prix-fixe option still?

  23. Count me in for tea!

    Count me in for all of that food you dangled in front of me too, while you're at it. (like I really need to feed my fatty)

  24. this makes me like andy garcia just a wee bit more.


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