Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Tower, a Square, and a Pier

My mom called me today and lamented that she actually had to pick up the phone in order to find out how I was doing. She said, "You should blog more."

Ok, Mommy.

We took it easy on the final day of our short late-April jaunt in San Francisco. No need to pack our day with lot of activities -- we'd be back again for my Evil Twin's wedding in late June. Started off with breakfast in bed.
san francisco 002
san francisco 001
san francisco 005
Drove around in our convertible and enjoyed the cityscape.
san francisco 007
san francisco 030
san francisco 031
san francisco 038
Visited Coit Tower, a 210-foot art deco structure on Telegraph Hill filled with Diego Rivera murals.
san francisco 049
san francisco 051
san francisco 055
san francisco 058
Couldn't get enough of the Golden Gate. Just so iconic.
san francisco 076
san francisco 078
san francisco 090
Strolled around Union Square.
san francisco 122
san francisco 119
san francisco 120
san francisco 125
san francisco 118
san francisco 114
san francisco 127
san francisco 129
san francisco 130
Hung out with sea lions and other characters at Pier 39.
san francisco 171
san francisco 133
san francisco 135
san francisco 134
san francisco 139
san francisco 136
san francisco 148
san francisco 174
Next: The fastest dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant ever.


  1. love the portrait of mr. mo driving.

  2. Listen to your mama, Rivers. She knows best ;-)

  3. Yeah! I love that photo of MrMo in front of the bridge. I went to Pier 39 months ago, loved it.

  4. Finally! Gorgeous photos. What a douche that guy in the shorts was (or looked)!

  5. Great pics! I especially like your shot of the Culantro.

  6. We're going to San Francisco in October. These photos got me excited!

  7. yay. new post. i was wondering if the SF trip was over. Love the paranoid look in the eyes of ACDC shorts wearer. And what is a beefeater doing in SF? hmmm... is it foreshadowing your Michelin starred meal?

  8. mom = funny.

    LOOOOOOOOOVE the pic where the GG bridge is in the background & tons of flowers in the foreground. gorgeous!

  9. I would TOTALLY date the suit short wearer.

  10. love the photos. so bright and full of life!!

  11. and, she's back!

    I love mama monkey.

  12. Listen to your mother, Weemo. Love the bridge photos. <3 SF <3

  13. Your photos are absolutely amazing! I've been to SanFran a couple of times, but it looks even better through your camera lenses. You should seriously start selling your shots as large prints or postcards. I really want to make that Golden Gate bridge one my desktop wallpaper.

  14. Fabulous pictures. I love it when the sky is actually blue and lovely in the city.

  15. I wish we could get one of those seal lion signs down here in La Jolla.

  16. If I ever want to dress up in a kooky costume, now I know where I'd fit in.

    Yes, I said "kooky". :)


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