Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Friends Are Sweet

On Friday, we had one of our semi-regular help-the-Monkeys-use-up-their-country-club-minimum dinners. dapotato and Wan-nabe both brought tasty homemade treats.

Here is dapotato's creation all wrapped up.
tater wan creations 001

A delicious yellow cake with lemon frosting!
tater wan creations 004
Eat a little slice.
tater wan creations 009
Eat some more.
tater wan creations 013
Mmm. Read about how she made this lovely little cake here.

Wan-nabe brought bacon caramels for everyone. This is how she made them.
tater wan creations 002
tater wan creations 010
Thank you, sweeties.


  1. you're welcome! nicer photos than the ones i took. thanks again for dinner. so good to see everyone.

    those bacon caramels are so, so delicious.

    and yay, you posted us right away instead of putting it in your queue! :)

  2. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  3. Siiiiiiiigh. I bet the food was just as good, too. Good times with good friends, who can ask for more than that?

  4. love that picture of the cake. martha stewart worthy material.

  5. what a beauteeful cake and bacon caramel? yummers.

  6. You know you have awesome friends when they show up with treats!

  7. such a lucky monkey with good friends.

  8. Thanks again for dinner :) Rather than slicing the cake Tater gave me in pieces like you did, I cut it right down the middle and my husband and I finished our halves in minutes.

  9. Thumbs up to yummy party favors. :)

  10. I love reading the trio of your blogs - seeing the process and then the finished products!

  11. lol - I bring nothing. You treat bringing people make me look bad. :P

  12. I love friends who bring tasty presents. They are the bestest.

  13. pretty pics! so good to see you on fri!!

  14. That Friday was perfect, even before the sweets! :) So very needed. Thank you!!

  15. i love that you loved the bacon caramels. they were a tiny token of appreciation for the delish dinner!


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