Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cupcakes on Wheels

During an evening stroll one night, we happened upon the Dainty Cakes truck.
How could we resist? They were right there, beckoning us.

We got a strawberry-strawberry and a red velvet-cream cheese.
At $3 each, they were a bit expensive for their size, but I guess that's the price you pay for mobile desserts. Mr. Monkey preferred the strawberry. I really liked the red velvet, particularly the cream cheese frosting. Both cupcakes were light, airy, and not too sweet. Thumbs up.

I love when places offer stamp cards.
You can follow Dainty Cakes on Twitter to see where they'll pop up next. I'm crossing my fingers they come to our 'hood again soon.


  1. Sweet!


    I need to seek out this truck at the next Art Walk. Good reporting, Rivers.

  2. Hi weezermonkey,

    Wow, yet another gourmet food truck that's sprung up here in LA! :) I had no idea about this truck either. Thanks for the review on this place.

    Where would you rank this Red Velvet compared to your all-time favorites? Thanks. :)

  3. I'm diggin' all of these food trucks, even though I've yet to experience anything other than your typical roach coach outside of our office. :P

  4. Mother eff, of course we wouldn't have anything close to this....and I'm drooling.

  5. have you been to the cupcakery that opened in downtown back in september?
    i've never been but i guess all cupcakeries are worth a try! by the way, on your recommendation, i went to bouchon... actually, i felt like i was re-creating the weezermonkey footsteps this past weekend... we went to le bernardine, wd 50 and bouchon... the macaroons at bouchon, i guarantee you, are better than laduree in paris!!! we didn't go to central park though, but we did walk brooklyn bridge...

  6. My cupcake of choice is also the red velvet with cream cheese. But I wouldn't object to also trying the double strawberry.


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