Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Afternoon Stroll in the Park

After lunch at Le Bernardin, we headed back to our hotel, put on more comfortable clothing, and walked to Central Park.
central park 003central park 004
central park 006
central park 010
central park 018
central park 013
central park 015
central park 016
central park 023
central park 024
central park 027
central park 028
central park 030
central park 031
central park 032
central park 039
central park 042
central park 040
central park 046
central park 060
central park 062
central park 066
central park 074
central park 076
central park 081
central park 083
central park 085
central park 093
central park 094
Sad to say there were no girls from Constance Billard sitting on the steps of The Met.

Next: A chef and his wily ways.


  1. You're getting better and better with the camera! I love the photo taken from the tunnel.

  2. great photos capturing the beauty of the park and the MET! Makes us want to go back and visit..

  3. I love Central Park. Beautiful photography. The photos of the pigeons and the turtles are professional quality!

  4. This is marvelous! What a long walk that must have been. Central Park is amazing. I've never been. I know. Crazy!

  5. I drove DH nuts when we were in NYC when we went past the Met by saying things like "spotted, J and N frolicking in Central Park". He almost killed me.

  6. My husband fell madly in love with Central Park - and those tend to be his pictures that sell the best. Except, we were there in December, so a lot less girls in bikinis.

  7. Excellent photos. I'm giggling at the girls in bikinis just kickin' it in the park. Guess if you don't have a beach near by, it's the next best thing.

  8. It's so weird to see people at the park in bikinis. LOL.

    Very cool shots!

  9. The photo of the nuzzling pigeons is my favorite! The view of the buildings from the reservoir in my favorite thing about CP. Good times, Weez.

  10. I got the chills a bit. This post took me back to when M lived there and we'd walk from his apartment. I even went to that museum. It's SO different from where I live now. It makes me a little sad.

  11. Love the perspective in the last shot. I think Central Park is so neat.

    *sigh* bring on the wily-wayed chef. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you had an amazing wonderful time that was the best thing you've ever eaten. lol

  12. gorgeous photos, as always!! mr y and i are going to nyc in 2 weeks. so excited. we're going to have to visit central park again

  13. I love Central Park, too. Sigh.

  14. Beautiful photos! Love the ones especially with the buildings and the close ups of the flowers. The person with the panda backpack is amusing. I've seen backpacks with a monster fish look to them pretty frequently these days. A new trend in the works?


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