Thursday, November 19, 2009

World of Sinful Dumplings and Buns

Dean Sin World (306 N. Garfield Ave., #2, Monterey Park, (626) 571-0636) is tiny and easily missed. Good thing sinosoul discovered it and told us all about it.
When I say tiny, I mean really tiny. I'd be surprised if more than 16 people could fit in this place. Lucky for Wandering Chopsticks, Kung Food Panda, Two Hungry Pandas (well, one hungry boy panda), and me, there were only two other parties there.

This woman was hard at work, making all sorts of dumplings and buns, during our meal.
Ms. Lu joined in to make xiao long bao. Dean Sin World not only supplies dumplings and buns to local restaurants, but it also sells large frozen batches to individual customers, so you can enjoy these treats at home.

Ms. Lu is the nicest woman ever! We got a number of freebies because Wandering Chopsticks and Kung Food Panda are regulars. In fact, the pictures taped on the glass in the second photo above were taken by Wandering Chopsticks. Ms. Lu says they have been really helpful for her non-Chinese-speaking customers.

Complimentary peanuts.
Nice to nosh on while you wait for your meal.

Smoked fish ($4.99).
Super flavorful cold dish.

Guo tie (fried dumplings) ($4.80).
Nice and juicy, but I think they should've stayed in the pan a bit longer for better browning.

Shi zi tou ("lion's head" -- pork meatballs) ($7.00).
Traditional Chinese comfort food. A tad on the sweet side but good. Mama Monkey's are better, though!

Xiao long bao (steamed pork buns) ($4.85).
Great stuff. No wonder other restaurants buy their buns from Dean Sin World.

Sheng jian bao (fried buns) ($4.85...I think).
Fluffy, meaty, and well-browned on the bottom.

Spring rolls (price unknown).
Filled only with vegetables but crisp, golden, and enjoyable.

Ear-hole fried cake (price unknown).
It's a weird name, but this is one of the most amazing things ever. If you like glutinous rice, mochi, or other similar delights, you will love this dessert. Fried on the outside and warm and gooey and full of sweet red beans inside. I could eat a whole plate myself.

Various sesame cakes ($1.00 each).
I saw these sitting on a table nearby. Dean Sin World offers several sweet and savory kinds. I'm definitely getting some of these next time.

Upon our departure, Ms. Lu gave us each a dish to take home. Mr. Monkey liked that.

Great food. Great prices. Great find.


  1. Are you caught up to September now? Man! I still haven't blogged about it yet.

  2. This totally reminds me of the little "standing room only" dumpling shops on Mott.

  3. These look yummy. I'm such a sucker for dumplings.

  4. I need to get some of those frozen buns.

  5. do I like glutinous mochi et al? do I? I gotta have that thing. And yeah, I drove by twice before I realized that was Dean Sin World. Me no speakee chinee. boo.

  6. Those are some yum looking buns! I need to play tag along with Danny sometime soon!

  7. man, I've been hearing so much about this place from everybody.

    that style smoked fish is my favorite, hopefully its not too sweet here?

  8. Dumplings are best eaten with a group!

  9. Definitely one of Tony's greatest finds!

  10. Ooooooh. The pork buns and sesame cakes look delish.

  11. This post reminds me that I really need to get some real Chinese food soon. There is too much Panda Express in my world.

  12. i NEED some ear hole fried pancake. now.


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