Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Taste on Melrose

If you're looking for a reliable place for brunch, head to Taste on Melrose.
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Casual and cozy, Taste on Melrose offers brunch options ranging from $9 to $17. It's a cute place to take friends and family.

I went with Papa Monkey and Brother Monkey during dineLA in October. We ordered two entrees from the regular brunch menu and one three-course meal from the dineLA menu.

Breakfast panini with scrambled eggs, applewood smoked bacon, oven-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, arugula, and caramelized onions on wheat bread accompanied by rosemary garlic potatoes ($10.50).
taste on melrose 015
I love breakfast sandwiches, and this was no exception. Rather hearty and packed.

Crab cake benedict, Hollandaise sauce, toasted brioche, poached eggs, rosemary garlic potatoes ($15.25).
taste on melrose 016
Simultaneously unadorned and decadent. Very basic ingredients but rich and delicious.

For just $16, we got the following three items.

White truffle oil and mushroom macaroni and cheese.
taste on melrose 013
Man, oh, man. This was reason enough to try the dineLA menu.

Grilled cheese sandwich with aged white cheddar, country bread, tomato dipping sauce, and organic mixed greens.
taste on melrose 019
I am a cheese monster. Rawr! Not sure why they gave us ketchup. Didn't use it. But I savored the tomato dipping sauce. Really made this dish.

Port poached pear tart, sweet crème fraiche.
taste on melrose 021
Seemingly plain but totally perfect. Slightly crisp. Slightly sweet. Very enjoyable.

The best news? Brunch won't break the bank even when it's not dineLA season.


  1. It's totally my fault for looking at your blog first thing in the morning, but now I am going out to lunch because the leftovers I brought seem very unappealing.

  2. i love breakfast so much. yum.

    i could swear there was a groupon special for taste a couple of weeks ago. i knew i should've bought one.

  3. This looks so good. I want that macaroni and cheese.

  4. I'm a such a sucker for wine-poached pears. They are just so yummy!

  5. I love me a crab cake and a breakfast sandwich and truffle oil mac n cheese. I'm def going here and soon.

  6. They got half priced bottles of wine on Mondays! This was the first restaurant in LA that Mr. Insom and I went to... :)

  7. Yet another restaurant I've been aware of for ages, but keep forgetting to make the effort to go. Crab cake benedict could prove to be a damn good motivator. Looks like a great family brunch!

  8. missed your food blog entries!!! hope you've been well! trying angeli caffe on sunday

  9. You don't know why they gave you ketchup??? To dip your grilled cheese in it!!!! Gah!

  10. Not a huge fan of Taste aside from the ambiance and that amaaaaaazing mac 'n cheese. One of my favorite versions in the city.

  11. When we lived in the Melrose hood, we used to go to Taste now and then. It was always pretty good, but not "over the top" drool-worthy. Maybe things have improved.

  12. I love Taste. I have only ever been for dinner, but their breakfast offerings look fantastic. Nice write up, it definitely made me want to have breakfast there.

  13. In love with that first breakfast sandwich pictured with Goat Cheese. Will add that on my list of things to do when I someday make it to LA!

  14. I love eggs benedict so much... the panini looks delicious as well.

  15. Ahhhh! That Eggs Benedict and Mac N Cheese looks fantastic!

  16. i always end up here with out-of-towners for some reason. love it.


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