Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Holy Mole at La Casita Mexicana

I know why I've been blogstipated. I'm overwhelmed by my hundreds of photos of Costa Rica. Travel blogging is so much harder than food blogging. I only take three shots of each dish during a meal, but I take 300 shots of each animal during a trip.

I'm reverting to food until I get my travel-blogging mojo back. To those of you who have been waiting patiently for Costa Rica, apologies. To those of you who have been patiently waiting for food, congratulations.

Waaaaay back in October, I visited La Casita Mexicana during dineLA with Wandering Chopsticks and L.A. and O.C. Foodventures. Yes, I am so behind in my blogging that February's dineLA has already come and gone, and I'm still talking about October.
la casita mexicana 001
la casita mexicana 003la casita mexicana 004
la casita mexicana 005
La Casita Mexicana is warm and inviting with its bright orange paint and eclectic wall hangings, ranging from the Virgin Mary to oversized plastic fruit.

You like free chips and salsa? Well, La Casita Mexicana gives you free piping hot chips and three kinds of mole.
la casita mexicana 007
Mole, mole, mole! Gold star for you if you channeled your inner Fred Savage when reading that.

Awesome aguas frescas -- limonada and horchata.
la casita mexicana 009la casita mexicana 008
The limonada was laced with ch-ch-ch-chia seeds. Platinum star for you if you sang that.

Soup of the day.
la casita mexicana 014
Simple. Good. Cheese was squeaky -- just how I like it.

Housemade tortillas.
la casita mexicana 012
They warmed my hands and my heart.

The great thing about eating with other food bloggers is that there is no issue of what to order during dineLA. When there are three options, you get all three options and share everything. It's a win-win-win situation.

The $26 three-course meal was not that much of a deal, but none of us had ever been to La Casita Mexicana, so this was as good a time as any to sample this popular-among-foodies eatery.


Azteca cheese fondue with four Mexican cheeses, poblano chile slices, cactus, mushrooms, and Mexican herbs wrapped in plantain leaves.
la casita mexicana 010
Eat this right away, and you'll smile. Wait too long, and it turns into plastic.

Golden chicken taquitos smothered with crema mexicana, cotija cheese, and green tomatillo salsa.
la casita mexicana 011
Nothing earth-shattering, but this golden reliable goodness was my fave app.

Red snapper green ceviche tostadas with poblano and serrano chiles and Mexican herbs.
la casita mexicana 013
Valiant effort but not something I'd order again.


Fish fillet wrapped in corn husk with chile guajillo adobo sauce with aromatic herbs.
la casita mexicana 015
Pleasant but nothing special.

Chiles en nogada stuffed with meat, dried fruits, walnuts, candied cactus, pecan cream sauce, and pomegranate.
la casita mexicana 016
Quite delicious, but my heart still belongs to Babita's version.

Green and red pepian with pumpkin seeds, poblano, and blackberry moles with 46 ingredients, peanuts, and various chiles.
la casita mexicana 018
Now this was something. The moles at La Casita Mexicana are some of the best I've ever had. The moles are what you should order. The moles make your trek to this faraway 'hood worth it. Olé for mole!


Rice pudding wrapped and fried in a flour tortilla, topped with sweet pecan cream sauce.
la casita mexicana 021
la casita mexicana 031
I love rice pudding. I love fried things. I love pecans. Guess what? I loved this.

Flan lover's delight -- corn, sweet yam, and vanilla.
la casita mexicana 025
Yummy. I enjoyed tasting the different flavors. Definitely a welcome change.

Churros filled with Mexican caramel.
la casita mexicana 028
Very good but, again, nothing particularly special.

Mexican coffee and cane sugar.
la casita mexicana 030
la casita mexicana 032
Because I'm a grandma and can't sleep if I have caffeine after 4 p.m., I skipped this, but Wandering Chopsticks and L.A. and O.C. Foodventures really enjoyed theirs. In fact, I think L.A. and O.C. Foodventures was so nuts about the Mexican coffee that he downed four cups.

Clearly, I'm getting this when I go back for breakfast some day.


  1. i'm the same way about coffee. 4PM is also my cut off time. yummy mexican food.

  2. Did someone say churros filled with caramel?

  3. Even further back than that. Our dinner was mid-October. :P

    I've been craving their mole lately to. Sooo good.

  4. I heart La Casita. I've never been disappointed by a meal there. :)

  5. I love a good coffee paired with dessert. It really makes my heart happy. :)

  6. i am literally drooling at that deep-fried rice pudding. holy crap.

    and, yay for my gold and platinum stars!

  7. I'm laughing at how far behind you are. I feel guilty for not blogging about stuff I did on New Years. lol I still haven't been to Babita yet either. No gold star for me.

  8. I feel the same way about my travel blogging vs. food blogging. I'd love to put up 800 photos from vacation but I don't think my (about 3) readers would like that.

  9. Yay food! I've been wanting to go to La Casita, but maybe Babita is in order first?

  10. travel blogging is rough. so many photos, so many adventures. hey, wait a minute, i haven't traveled in ages! what am i talkin about! AND i haven't even mexican in ages! this looks yummy. i need some ch ch ch chia! and some mole mole mole!

  11. I must taste Babita's chiles en nogada. LOVE that dish!

  12. That was my first time having a multiple-course mexican meal, and everything was just solid. those two chefs really make the experience enjoyable.

  13. Holy Mole, that does look quite delicious. Those flans alone seemed to be worth a visit for me!

  14. i NEED that fried rice pudding. NEED.

  15. glad you enjoyed the experience. this place is without a doubt the best antojitos based Mexican restaurant in L.A.

    consistent quality every singe time :)


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