Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Dinner at Eva

The Cruisers suggested that we go to Sunday Dinner at Eva earlier this year.
eva 033
eva 032
Eva Restaurant is named after Chef Mark Gold's grandmother, who inspired him with her warm home-cooked meals.

Sunday Dinner costs $35 per person and includes five family-style courses and wine.
eva 004
You have the option of red or white.

Little gem lettuce, green goddess dressing.
eva 006
A simple start. Good enough but not terribly interesting.

Chicken harissa, peas, crème fraîche.
eva 009
Outstanding flavor and amazingly juicy. Very very good.

Braised brisket, natural jus, mustard, broccoli, garlic, lemon, olive oil.
eva 013
Fine but not impressive. Should have been more tender.

Root vegetable gratin.
eva 015
A pleasant side.

Tableside coffee from Kenya.
eva 017
eva 018
Excellent and strong. Don't miss this if you like coffee.

Apple tart.
eva 026
Enjoyable but, like most of the other dishes, not mind-blowingly so.

The dishes above served all four of us. After we finished our tarts, we were still hungry. The meal we'd just devoured wasn't satisfying. Nothing was bad at all, but, aside from the chicken harissa and Kenyan coffee, nothing was really noteworthy.

To be honest, I've had better meals prepared by Ms. Cruiser herself!

We walked to Milk.
milk 036
We knew our night would end on a sweet note here.

Mint chip ice cream sandwich ($4.50).
milk 038
Do you like macarons? Do you like mint chip ice cream? Do you like chocolate? If your answer is "yes" to all three questions, prepare for heaven.

The Brownie -- double fudge brownie with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, pecans, whipped cream ($6.50).
milk 041
Too much chocolate for me and my allergies, but the rest of our crew liked it.

The Blondie -- white chocolate blondie with vanilla ice cream, butterscotch and pecan praline ($6.50).
milk 043
Loooooved this. My fave. I'm not allergic to white chocolate!

Large hot vanilla ($3.25).
milk 045
This is what every allergic-to-chocolate girl needs when everybody else is eating chocolate. Like a warm hug for your esophagus.

Any night with the Cruisers is a good night, but Milk helped make up for a somewhat lackluster meal at Eva. Yay for sugar.


  1. What a disappointment, the food looked so good. But even if it's tasty, I have to at least get full after a meal. Thank goodness for Milk afterwards. And I still haven't get a macorone.

  2. I had a very similar experience when I went to a Sunday dinner at Eva. Everything was good but nothing was mind-blowingly good...oddly enough the best dish of my night there was also a chicken dish...

    I've heard that if you're not full after what they've served you, you can asked for seconds...and also that the restaurant is named for Mark Gold's daughter, but she might be named after her grandmother haha

  3. Boo on a disappointing meal. YAY to the amazing-looking desserts! holy gosh...LOL at the warm hug for your esophagus-that's exactly what it is, haha

  4. I always wonder if ordering a la carte is an improvement over the set menues sometimes. I wonder if your meal would have been more enjoyable if you could have picked anything off the menu.

  5. $35 per person sounds like a deal, but bummer that it wasn't fantastic.

    i can't think of a better way to end a meal than a trip to milk! that mint chip sandwich looks like heaven.

  6. Our portions were small bites of meh at Eva. Glad you managed to salvage the meal.

  7. I got so excited when I saw it was $35pp for a five-course family style meal. Sad that it was disappointing, but the food porn at Milk seems to have made up for it! The Blondie looks crazy good...

  8. I need that ice cream cookie sandwich. Thanks to you I'm now into macarons and I love mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  9. dear weezer,
    you make me want to give up kosher.


  10. Sad that the chicken dish is the most memorable plate.

    You are killing me with those Milk pictures!!!! Easter can't come soon enough.

  11. I had such high hopes for Eva when I started reading this post. :( Thank goodness Milk saved the evening!

  12. Hi weezermonkey,

    Thanks for the review and thoughts on Eva. It's been on my Try List for a while, but I think I'll move it down a few notches after your experience.

  13. This is the worst blog ever for a dieter to read.

  14. Ah, I've been meaning to visit Eva sometime! The Chicken harissa, peas, crème fraîche dish looks good. So does the gratin! But everything kind of seems like things I can make at home, too.

  15. Mediocre meals pain me. Even ones I only read about.

    Mozza's Amaro Bar is still the best $35 deal in town!

  16. i need that minty macaroon heaven.

  17. I had a meh experience at Eva as well. That Kenya coffee looked divine though. Thanks for the food porn at another one name restaurant I have to try: Milk

  18. That mint chip thing makes my mouth water. Yes please.

  19. I've still never been to Milk. Just unexcusable. :/


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