Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fig Love

We went to Fig to celebrate the Oros' birthdays. Mr. and Mrs. Oro were born just a few weeks apart!
fig 004
fig 053
fig 052
What a celebration! Fig is my current favorite mid-priced restaurant on the Westside.

A fruity amuse bouche to whet our appetites.
fig 008
The blood orange awakened our taste buds just in time for...

...a warm loaf of bread for each of us, accompanied by arugula butter.
fig 023
Each of our loaves disappeared almost in a matter of seconds. Man, what a start!

But that was just the bread. We hadn't even gotten to the real starters.

Foie gras and chicken liver parfait, fig marmalade, grilled baguette ($11).
fig 015
fig 017
Adored the fig marmalade paired with the foie. Rich and smooth and sweet.

Bacon-wrapped bacon, tomatoes, arugula, cocktail avocado ($14).
fig 012
It's bacon! In bacon! Like a super-duper gourmet BLT.

Three onion soup gratinee, crouton, Comté ($11).
fig 020
Browned cheesy good times.

Coq au vin, crimini mushrooms, lardon, pee wee potatoes ($25).
fig 026
fig 028
Fall-off-the-bone tender and juicy chicken with awesome porky flavor. Mrs. Oro loved it to pieces. I savored the drumette she so kindly gave me!

Braised lamb, peacock kale, pomegranate gremolata ($26).
fig 041
Mr. Oro and I each enjoyed this immensely. Big and meaty and paired surprisingly well with pomegranate seeds.

Short rib and pancetta meatloaf, mashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli ($25).
fig 032
Wowzers. Winning entree of the night. These are times when I'm thrilled that Mr. Monkey and I always trade halfway. So freaking yummy, and I don't even really like meatloaf.

Scorched Brussels sprouts with bacon and vinegar ($9).
fig 033
Mrs. Oro is a huge fan of Brussels sprouts, and these put a big smile on her face. These made us all very happy.

Nutella and chocolate tart, candied hazelnuts, marshmallow cream ($9).
fig 044
I had a tiny bite of the Nutella and chocolate tart -- extremely decadent. The singed marshmallow cream delighted us, but the hazelnuts stole the show. We all chased them around the plate!

FIG bars, Greek yogurt ice cream ($8).
fig 048
Upon my first bite, I closed my eyes and sighed, "Now this is something special." When I opened my eyes, everybody else was laughing at me. But I had the last laugh. I had most of this. My personal fave dessert. Warm, not too sweet, and wonderfully accompanied by slightly tart creaminess.

Churros ($8).
fig 051
The rest of the table went loco for churros. So warm, so sugary, so melt-in-your-mouth marvelous. Dip them into hot chocolate, and you achieve sweet sweet Nirvana.

We all agreed that Fig ruled. Mr. Monkey and I were so happy that we got to share the experience with the Oros!

I was so smitten with Fig that I suggested it for brunch when my Evil Twin was in town.
Sitting on the covered patio is lovely even in the winter.

Can you believe this is what February looks like?
I love L.A.! I love Fig!

Corned beef hash, poached eggs, Hollandaise, crispy potato strings ($16).
Evil Twin ate this up pretty quickly. Lucky for me, I didn't just look at the scrumptious cast-iron offering. I had a few great bites before Evil Twin polished it off. Good stuff.

Bacon waffle a la mode, Trockenbeerenauslese bacon syrup, bacon ice cream ($16).
Before I met Evil Twin for brunch, I perused the menu online at home and knew exactly what I was going to order. When we sat down, I informed Evil Twin of my crispy pig-laden plan, and he said sadly, "I gave up bacon for Lent!"

Well, as you can see, I picked bacon over my Evil Twin.

And it was so worth it.

Evil Twin has already declared that he is getting this the next time he comes.


  1. This was the event you had put up on Facebook regarding your friend who gave up bacon for Lent! Haha it's ok. I'd probably choose food over friends too. Those desserts look so delicious! Do you get to eat for free?? It seems like a whole lotta food for 2 people!

  2. Oh my gosh, this meal looks amazing! I am absolutely in love with churros (and sopapillas), those looked TDF. Also the bacon wrapped bacon with tomatoes and avocado? Um, wow.
    Love your pics as usual!

  3. You each got your own loaf of bread? Sold. We're awful bread sharers. I always let the hubs have the last piece because I'm sweet like that, but inside I'm all sad.

    And I love there were fig newtons for dessert. I am amazed by the lack of figgy goodness in the breakfast/brunch.

  4. you KNOW you had me at "bacon-wrapped bacon."

    and then again at "bacon waffle."


  5. There's something about a restaurant with the word "fig" in the name that never seems to let me down.

  6. Arugula butter? Bacon wrapped bacon? Your own loaf? This is the best I've seen in a while. I'm putting this on my list. Hopefully we can go together one day. This looks so good.

  7. I wish I knew how to get to Santa Monica.

  8. Geez, Weez! This place looks/sounds perfect. Love figs. Will probably love Fig too.

  9. Everything looks *so*. Maybe 10yt, FGD and I can take a field trip otu there one day.

  10. I am going to need to eat that foie gras and chicken liver parfait real soon. OH YEAH. Fig looks awesome, I want to get over there before the heatwaves start hitting us, which you know will be sooner than we expect!

  11. You already know I love the look of that hollandaise dish.

    I will also be making Brussels Sprouts soon, maybe today. Those look so good!

  12. Love the comprehensive review Ms. Monkey!

    I need to give Fig a try, especially the Coq au Vin. Love that dish!

  13. I would never think to order meatloaf at a restaurant either! Then again, I'm of the state of mind that meat should not be made in loaf form.

    BUT if Weez says it's good, then it must be! Will have to check Fig out soon!

  14. Ohh, this looks so good -- I was just looking for a mid-priced dinner close to my office this week for dinner. I may have to check this out!

  15. I love you and all, but this is why I hate (and I say this with love) reading your blog - I get sooooooo hungry! and it makes me miss home. ;(


  16. Hi weezermonkey,

    Nice! :) Thanks for the great pics and review. I love Fig as well. :) I haven't had their Short Rib and Pancetta Meatloaf but I'm definitely ordering that next time. :)

  17. That is my kind of food right there. Jim is looking for places for their weekly small group dinners with the summers. I'm invited and guess what my first suggestion is going to be? :D

  18. Oh yum. I'm totally going to try this out during the 50% off dinner during 5-6pm.


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