Monday, March 1, 2010

Hatfield's Is the Real McCoy

I never made it to Hatfield's when it was at its tiny Beverly Boulevard location.
But, having been to Eva Restaurant at Hatfield's old location, I can confidently say that the move to Melrose Avenue was an excellent decision.

The new space is modern and airy and serves as a superb understated background for the elegant but comforting Michelin-starred food.
The expansive window to the kitchen provides a glorious unobstructed view of all the action that goes into your meal.

BPLJ treated Kerfuffle and me to a night of deliciousness. Thank you, BPLJ! So happy to see both of my good friends from my first firm, especially Kerfuffle, who lives up north now! Thrilled she's back in California!

Amuse bouche -- yellowfin tuna, squash, lime, curry.
As OutKast would say, so fresh and so clean.

BPLJ's beer. Kerfuffle's mojito.
Warm bread and butter.

BPLJ and I tried the four-course seasonal prix fixe ($59), and Kerfuffle rounded out our meal with some stand-alone dishes. As my best friends always do, we shared everything, literally clearing a third of each plate and passing it along. Really, this is the only way to eat!

Pan-roasted diver scallops, braised celery, salsify, apple broth.
Simple but refined with a gentle sweetness and a beautiful searing.

Charred Japanese mackerel, oven-dried pineapple, avocado, fried shallots, nori-infused salsa verde.
Fantastically crunchy, salty, and tangy.

Agnolotti stuffed with ricotta, mustard greens, parsnip, cinnamon banyuls ($11).
Perfect pasta. Fresh, springy, creamy, dreamy.

Pan-seared dorade, carrot puree, Chinese broccoli, mushroom ragout.
Crispy skin + robust vegetables = awesome fish dish.

Prawns a la plancha espelette, creamy crab rice, roasted peanuts, preserved lemon, mint.
Crazy for crustaceans! Loved the contrast of the smokiness and the creaminess.

Horseradish-dusted short ribs and hanger steak, spring onion confit, smoked potato puree.
Exquisite. Red meat lovers, this one's for you.

Kurobuta pork loin, creamy Swiss chard, ruby grapefruit salad, celery root mustard ($26).
Somewhat plain but nice and moist.

Long Island duck breast, whisky prune smear, butternut squash, quinoa porridge.
My favorite! No surprise, of course. It is duck after all. Sugary enough without being too sweet. Tender. Juicy. Mmm.

Sugar and spice beignets, Venezuelan chocolate fondue, preserved ginger milkshake shot.
Warm and pillowy with delightful accompaniments -- the ginger was strong!

Cinnamon swirl brioche pudding, pear confit, maple syrup ice cream, cinnamon toast chip.
As a big fan of cinnamon, total thumbs up.

Chocolate Nutella ganache cake, butterscotch rosemary ice cream, hazelnut toffee.
My one bite was freaking incredible. You must get this if you come. Unbelievably rich and marvelous.

Tiny chocolate cakes! Criminally cute crumbs of cocoa cheer.

Unpretentious quality food. Go to Hatfield's for it.

Bonus: Can you spot the celeb who sat next to us in this post? Hint: He's on SNL. He was so nice.


  1. can't wait to try it!! everything looks divine... but reading this near midnight is making me especially crave the beignets!

  2. Oh my goodness every dish looked like something I would love...I'm already in bed but now I'm starving. And your pictures are always so beautiful!

  3. Is that Andy Samberg? Awesome.

  4. I really shouldn't read your blog first thing in the morning. It makes me hungry for the rest of the day.

  5. I would like to try everything, but especially the prawns a la plancha and the short ribs/ hanger steak- yum.

    Nice job with the photography, once again!

  6. I totally giggle-snorted at the title. My role as nerd is officially cemented.

  7. like ThatGirl, i giggled at this post title :)

    although i was already a huge fan of your photos before the phototasting event, i have an even greater appreciation for them! they're beautiful and my goal is now to get my hands on that damn lens.

  8. Did you use a different lens for these photos? Looking really fantastic.

  9. Karen's tiny chocolate cakes are so adorable! Best mignardises in town?

  10. Karen is my hero. Great job with the pictures WM - we sat facing the kitchen I got a kick out of watching the action.

    we must make a return visit when they get the full tasting menu up and running. I'll split whichever way you'd like. :)

  11. Oh my, I need to try this place! Yay, it's close to work.

    Also, your photography skills make me want to play with my DSLR more often.

  12. Okay, that seals it -- Hatfield's might have to be my celebratory meal for making it through a dessert-free Lent.

    Bring on the duck! And the cake! :)

  13. These pics are amazing. Makes me want to go and eat at hatfield's. Those donuts! Yummmy. The new space looks really nice too.

  14. Eff...those pics, I mean food...I mean both pics and food looks great! :)

  15. These pictures make me want to go there asap!

  16. I think I would have been happy with just the warm bread and butter. Looks so....soft and fluffy.

  17. It all looks amazing. Mmmmm!

  18. amazing photos.

    still need to go. maybe for our next big occasion.


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