Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pounding Burgers at 8oz.


Mr. Monkey left his old job for greener pastures not long ago, and his awesome former co-workers treated us to dinner at Govind Armstrong's 8oz. Burger Bar.
8oz burger bar 041
8oz burger bar 038
8oz burger bar 001
The lighting is a nightmare for food photography but provides just the right vibe with all the hustle and bustle.

Apple pie shake -- apple pie filling, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon crumbles ($4).
8oz burger bar 017
When Mr. Monkey's shake came, I asked him, "What? You're having dessert first?" As good as it sounds, yes.

Sweet potato chips ($4).
8oz burger bar 008
Not worth $4. Skip.

Fried olives stuffed with chorizo ($5).
8oz burger bar 010
Decent, especially given my distaste for olives. Chorizo makes everything tolerable.

Croquettes -- chicken, potato, peas, carrots ($7).
8oz burger bar 012
8oz burger bar 013
Strange flavor...or lack thereof. Not so great. Japanese croquettes are far superior.

Truffled potato skins ($4).
8oz burger bar 019
Loved these! Get these! Hip hip hooray!

Stout-battered onion rings ($4).
8oz burger bar 022
Fine. Nothing special.

Brussels sprouts and bacon ($4).
8oz burger bar 024
Quite yummy. Worth ordering. I think I'm developing a Brussels sprouts addiction.

Short rib grilled cheese, onion marmalade, Bel Paese cheese ($8).
8oz burger bar 016
Fanfuckingtastic. Seriously fanfuckingtastic. The best thing here. Yes, not a burger.

The 8 oz. -- house blend, iceberg, pickle, tomato, white onion, special sauce ($10).
8oz burger bar 028
The house blend consists of sirloin, tri-tip, short rib, and chuck. I can't remember if Mr. Oro added Bel Paese or cave-aged Gruyere ($1), but he seemed to enjoy it.

The Melrose -- 6 oz. house blend, wild baby arugula, garlic roasted tomatoes, red onion marmalade ($8).
8oz burger bar 034
8oz burger bar 036
This was my burger, and I think I chose well. A tad smaller than the eponymous burger, this was the perfect size for me. I added fried mozzarella ($1) to my burger, taking it to a whole 'nother level. I had a fine time eating this.

Turkey burger, sauteed mustard greens, bacon, horseradish, dijonnaise, 8 oz. special sauce, tomato, onion, pickle ($8).
8oz burger bar 030
Mrs. Oro doesn't eat red meat, so she opted for this and added fried mozzarella ($1) as well. I'm pretty sure fried mozzarella elevates almost any hand-held entree.

The burger of the month -- lamb ($12).
8oz burger bar 033
8oz burger bar 037
Mr. Monkey went for the special with cave-aged Gruyere ($1). I thought my beefy meal was better, but that's not to say this lamb burger wasn't tasty, too. Even so, I recommend going for the cow because it's juicier.

Mr. Monkey and I are so lucky to have made such wonderful friends through his old job. Thank you for such a fun night!


  1. Fried mozz on a burger = really good idea.

  2. I liked their food as well. I'm kicking myself for not ordering the potato skins, they look soooo good! Next time for sure!

  3. 1) The hubs orders "dessert" first when it comes to shakes. No wonder he gets along with Mr. Monkey.
    2) I'm making croquettes for dinner tonight....wonder how they'd compare to Japanese croquettes...with the amount of cream in them, I'm thinking they'll be heavier....

  4. of course you know i don't eat burgers but the rest of it looked great...esp the grilled cheese sammie and potato skins!

  5. Yay! A place I've actually been! Jess, Claire, and I went the weekend of my birthday. The bar drinks are super delicious too.

  6. i see nothing wrong with dessert first. my tummy doesn't know the difference, and that way i make sure i got some.

  7. Holy crap - I must go. Pronto! ::drool::

  8. Mmmm I need to ban myself from reading your blog when I'm hungry. I went for my birthday last month and had an amazing pork burger with avocado. **siighhhhh**

  9. All the times I've been to 8oz, I have never gotten the truffled potato skins. I really don't understand how this is possible since I am SUCH a sucker for truffle oil.

  10. those burgers look amazing. and whoever thought of fried mozzarella in the burger is a genius. nuff said!

  11. Where's my shoes? I'm going. Right now!!! Whoa they all look amazing!!!

  12. You had me at apple pie shake.

    Then made me squeal like a schoolgirl with "I added fried mozzarella ($1) to my burger".

    thanks, weezermonkey.

  13. fried mozz sounds like heaven!

    hope mr. m likes his new gig...

  14. I must go here. That looks delicious. And I've missed you SO!

  15. Fried mozzarella is ingenious! And the apple pie shake too.

  16. 8oz's lighting totally kills my sh***y cam. I wasn't a fan when they first opened, but they totally got their act together and everything is just tasty enough to be on the radar.

  17. I still need to try this place! It always feel "so far" for "burgers and shakes" but now I must get. Must get shakes and short rib grilled cheese!

  18. see, I knew I liked you for a reason - our distaste of mushrooms and olives means something.

    and I want to bathe in that shake. and possibly your burger, too.

    belated congrats to mr. monkey!

  19. I want to swim in that shake. Yum!


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