Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brasserie Meets Tavern: DBGB Kitchen & Bar

After going crazy at Eleven Madison Park, we filled the rest of the weekend with far less expensive food. We happened to be in town during Restaurant Week, so we took advantage of this at DBGB Kitchen & Bar.
nyc 004
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According to its website, DBGB is Chef Daniel Boulud's "new lowdown downtown place where the French brasserie meets the American tavern."

The Restaurant Week prix fixe three-course lunch cost $24.07.

Chilled ratatouille soup, roasted garlic and chevre crostini, crispy basil.
nyc 014
Cool and refreshing for a hot, humid day in NYC.

Pâté campagnard -- country-style pâté with pork and chicken liver.
nyc 019
Rich and salty.

Chanterelle and corn lasagna, Parmesan and chicken jus.
nyc 032
nyc 036
Some fantastic pasta. Substantial yet not overwhelming midday.

Yankee burger -- 6 oz. beef patty with iceberg, tomato, and Vidalia onion on a sesame bun, Essex Street pickle, and fries.
nyc 029
nyc 041
Damn good burger with possibly even better fries.

Hazelnut praline and chocolate cake, hazelnut biscuit, chocolate sauce.
nyc 051
More hazelnut than chocolate -- just the way I like it.

Raspberry yogurt sundae, anise marshmallow, raspberry coulis, whipped cream.
nyc 055
Really liked the marshmallow, but the rest was pretty standard fare.

We enjoyed our meal (and the deal), but I've since been thrice informed that we erred by not getting DBGB's famed sausage. I now take this opportunity to advise you not to make the same mistake. Get some sausage at DBGB!

Even without any sausage, DBGB Kitchen & Bar provided us a lovely reasonably priced meal to fuel our walk down to and around the financial district.
nyc 057
nyc 058
nyc 059
nyc 060nyc 063
nyc 068
nyc 070
nyc 075nyc 079
nyc 056
nyc 097
nyc 081
nyc 085
nyc 087
nyc 092
nyc 051
nyc 101
nyc 102
nyc 060
nyc 058
I can't get enough of this city. There's something to see everywhere you go.


  1. I love when you're in NYC! Thanks for always providing us with thorough and honest reviews. We'll have to add this place to our list of restaurants to visit next time we venture into the big city :)

  2. That onesie is hilarious. Want!

    Three courses for $24.07! Such a great deal. I forwarded it to my sister since she's going next month and I'm afraid she won't be able to afford any nice meals.

  3. Now I am setting a date to go back and get more of that DBGB Sausage. Great pics!

  4. Lucky! I wish I can be in NYC for restaurant week!

  5. I'm glad your trip to one of DB's casual restaurants was better than our trip to his casual restaurant in Vancouver. Nick had the burger there and wasn't impressed for the amount we paid.

  6. I love that little baby romper. I kind of want one in my size.

    Eww.. I can't believe I just said that.

  7. Lovin the look of that lunch! The corn lasagna looks very interesting. I also would love one of those babushka dolls.. hint hint ;P

  8. your pics are so beautiful...i miss nyc. wish i can go back and visit.

  9. beautiful photos, as always.

    your foodbuzz ad is scooched over into your post. it's kinda weird. or maybe it's just my computer.

  10. I miss NYC! Amazing food and price, holey crap. And LMFAO at mboc - WM, you will never live oh-nee-zee down. xoxo

  11. That restaurant had a really nice interior. I guess that's when you got all your wall street badges lol

  12. DB knows how to do burgers, yo. Jim is still crying that his Vegas outpost has shuttered. :(


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