Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog: Gray's Papaya

There is no better place than New York City for late-night eats. After a Yankee game, we stopped by Gray's Papaya on the Upper West Side (2090 Broadway between 72nd and 73rd) before heading back to The Empire Hotel.
nyc 178
nyc 179
nyc 180
nyc 184
How could we pass up the Recession Special? The franks were lightly charred and had a lovely snap. The papaya drink was cold and sweet but not too sweet. When we got back to The Empire Hotel, I wished we'd gotten four Recession Specials!

I guess I should give you some pics from the Yankee game. As I've said before, the food at Yankee Stadium is atrocious. (Hence, our post-game visit to Gray's Papaya.)

We love visiting stadiums in other cities. For some reason, my baseball boyfriend, Ichiro Suzuki, is almost always visiting the same town that I'm visiting. I am convinced it's fate.
nyc 107
nyc 111
nyc 114
nyc 120
nyc 118
nyc 126
nyc 121
nyc 123
nyc 168
nyc 154
The Mariners killed the Yankees. In particular, my baseball boyfriend kicked ass. I was proud to be wearing his All-Star t-shirt, much to the dismay of everybody else in the Bronx


  1. I only know Gray's Papaya from "Fools Rush In." :P

  2. I find it funny that Gray's ALWAYS has a recession special. It's around when the economy is doing well, too!

  3. i love that you have a baseball boyfriend.

  4. i heart gray's papaya AND your baseball boyfriend!

  5. Niiiice Gray's Papaya! When I was in NY in April I had one of their mango drinks. Super sweet but super delicious.

  6. I heard about this game on NPR, and bam, you were there. It's really hard not to hate you sometimes, and I don't mean that in the stalker-killer kinda way or anything.

    Gray's Papaya vs. Papaya Dog: Declare your allegiance.

  7. I'm still shocked that they have such crummy food. Booo on them!


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