Monday, September 27, 2010

How Harlem Does the South: Amy Ruth's

We started our Saturday at Amy Ruth's up in Harlem.
nyc 021
nyc 001
nyc 009
The menu boasted comfort, cuisine, courtesy, and culture.

And Amy Ruth's lived up to this.

Complimentary cornbread, peach juice ($4.00), lemonade ($4.00).
nyc 005nyc 010
The cornbread was a tad on the dry side, but the drinks were exactly what we needed on a warm day.

Amy Ruth's names all of its entrees after notable African-Americans, including Barack Obama, Al Roker, and Al Sharpton.

The Nate Robinson -- BBQ spare ribs + two sides ($14.25).
nyc 015
Tender, smoky, and flavorful. Mac 'n' cheese and buttered corn were fab.

The Ludacris -- four fried chicken wings + two sides ($12.25).
nyc 018
Golden fried crunchy yumminess. Candied yams and cheesy grits rocked.

Worth the trip to Harlem. Good food. Good service. Good prices.

While we were in the neighborhood, we visited Serena and Blair's Ivy League stomping grounds. Yes, that was another Gossip Girl reference.
nyc 035
nyc 037
nyc 040
nyc 032
nyc 031
nyc 041
After taking photos of one of the many law schools that rejected me, we headed back down to tourist central.

If you watch Project Runway, you may recognize this billboard featuring contestant Gretchen's winning navy jumpsuit early this season.
nyc 062
nyc 081
nyc 064
nyc 067
nyc 075
nyc 072
nyc 080
nyc 079
I embrace being a tourist. It means I can say I adore Times Square.


  1. annnd you're back! fist pump. :)

  2. Looks so good! Next time you're in NYC and on the hunt for soul food try Mama's Food Shop on E. 3rd. Not as fancy but still great.

  3. How am I the only one who noticed how well endowed Elmo looks in that picture???

    your pix look amazing btw, what camera is that?

  4. Lauren: Don't call it a comeback. I've been here for years!

    Swank: I hope next time I get to see you!

    Julie Q: My usual cam -- Nikon D40. Food shots are always 35mm f/1.8. Others are 18-200mm.

  5. Love creatively named dishes. It would be fun ordering at this place! And eating there, too. Mmm!

  6. #1 I love fried chicken. A lot.

    #2 Yay for my soon to be alma mater Columbia!

    #3 I love the Sesame Street characters.

    #4 You love Times Square? I never would have thought. I hated it because there were too many people that I couldn't get anywhere.

  7. I could eat Ludacris all day long...

    The Naked Cowboy looks good for 40.

  8. The guys in that wedding party look like they are about 15-17 years old.

  9. Shoe: I love the sights and sounds and colors and lights!

    FGD: I'm pretty sure that was a girl celebrating a quincenera and the male members of her court.

  10. Cookie Monster and Elmo are lookin' pretty brokedown.

    And I stopped liking the naked cowboy after I saw him on the Today show on Election Day saying he was voting for McCain.

  11. That food looks simple but scrumptious! And I love the addition of other NYC pictures :) I heart that city.

  12. great pictures! I have a d40 too, maybe I should take some pics on vacay. Not. lolz.

  13. Wow elmo and cookie monster look scary in real life like humans wearing ill fitting fur suits. As for those law schools rejecting you- that never happened. They lost your app in the mail- same shit happened to me. Yale, eat ur heart out hehe

  14. Wedding procession in the middle of Times Square? That's quite a sight :p

  15. I'm still bitter that I've never been to NY. Ever.

    Yes, you read that right.


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