Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Food Beats Man: Juan in a Million

The day after Austin City Limits, we met Mr. and Mrs. ssinca at Juan in a Million.
austin 017austin 002
austin 016
This Mexican hole-in-the-wall defeated Adam Richman of Man vs. Food.

Complimentary chips and salsa.
austin 005
Salsa was fresh and kickin' -- this place doesn't hold back.

($1.75) and horchata ($1.75).
austin 006
Authentic. Intended for Brobdingnagians.

Con Queso Breakfast -- two eggs served any style with queso, carne guisada, refried beans, potatoes, and two flour tortillas ($8.95).
austin 010
At $8.95, this was one of the most expensive things on the menu. We couldn't go to Texas and not have queso, so we went for it. Yummy, but not life-changing in the least.

Don Juan El Taco Grande -- a secret combination of potato, egg, bacon, and cheese in a fresh hot tortilla ($3.80).
austin 011
austin 015
This is it, people. This is what everybody gets at Juan in a Million. This is what you should get. The mountain of cheese melts almost instantly. The plate is literally heavy with an entire Idaho potato in breakfast taco form. Truth be told, it could use a good bit more seasoning.

But it is a monstrosity for only $3.80. $3.80, people! For all of this!

Poor Adam Richman never stood a chance. Who the hell could eat eight of these? We could hardly get through one!

Before we headed home, we made one more loop around the downtown area.
austin 020
austin 024
austin 043
austin 036
austin 041
austin 046
austin 047
I couldn't get enough of the Texas sky.

Austin is truly dedicated to Austin City Limits. The airport was plastered with posters.
austin 049
austin 048
austin 050
We had such a great weekend in Austin. I predict a return trip for SXSW some day!


  1. When I opened this post I was hoping there would be some queso and I wasn't disappointed. Mmmm, queso.

  2. Loved your ATX recaps! We scored some $50 ACL tickets for 2011 so we'll be back for the 10 year anniversary weekend. I hope you make it back for SXSW!

  3. YAY! I made the blog;)

    I hope you guys do come back out for SXSW, we definitely didn't spend enough time catching up!

  4. I'd pass on the food and head straight for the tie dyed piano! Too cool.

  5. i love the name and that taco looks insane.

  6. So glad you had a blast in ATX! Next time, plan a detour in Dallas so we can play :-)!

  7. You met up with Ssinca! That's so awesome!!!


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