Sunday, October 10, 2010

Balls for All: The Meatball Shop

Mr. Monkey's favorite meal during our cheap eats weekend in New York City was lunch at The Meatball Shop.
nyc 032
nyc 029
nyc 002
This cozy Lower East Side eatery kept up with the steady stream of customers like clockwork yet managed to maintain its warmth and friendliness.

The ordering system is fun.
nyc 007nyc 012
nyc 006
Mark your choices on the laminated menu.

Our beverages.
nyc 008
Root beer ($2) and lemonade ($3).

Naked balls -- four meatballs served with focaccia ($7).
nyc 016
These were classic beef meatballs in classic tomato sauce. They were heavenly. Like a big hug from an Italian grandma in a bowl.

Side of simple salad ($4).
nyc 019
Arugula and apples. Nothing terribly exciting, but we wanted something green.

Sliders ($3 each) -- spicy pork meatball + spicy meat sauce, chicken meatball + Parmesan cream sauce, vegetable meatball + pesto sauce, jambalaya meatball + classic tomato sauce.
nyc 014
nyc 020
nyc 025nyc 022
nyc 026nyc 023
Our favorite meatball was the beef, so we were lucky to have ordered a bowl of four of them. Actually, we pretty much loved all of the balls except for the veggie ball. Poor veggie ball. Even pesto couldn't save you.

Nearly two months later, Mr. Monkey still can't stop raving about this place.


  1. Meat ball hoagie but miniaturized? Cute!

  2. What an adorable little shop! I will have to send my bro how lives in the LES here.

  3. OMG yum!! I haven't had much of a breakfast today, so extra enticing.

  4. Are those new frames on Mr. Mo? They look good!

  5. a man who loves balls is a secure man :) i love a good, meaty ball. yum.

  6. i heart meatballs so much. yum, yum, yum!

  7. Okay, yeah, I want all of those, too.

  8. Naked balls. Hee. I have a weakness for meatballs.

  9. Don't know how I'm gonna fit it all in, but I'm gonna add this to my LES crawl on my trip. I just want some of those balls, meatballs that is. Thx for the rec!


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