Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fancy-Schmancy Ice Cream Sandwiches: Coolhaus

I was glad to see Coolhaus at The Railroad Revival Tour.
I really like Coolhaus. I'd tried it in the past after another concert, but it was too dark that night to memorialize our foie-gras-ice-cream-ginger-molasses-cookie sandwich and brown-butter-candied-bacon-ice-cream-snickerdoodle sandwich with my little pink camera.

Pick your cookie. Pick your ice cream. Pay $5 for your personalized ice cream sandwich!

Red velvet cookie + red velvet ice cream.

Maple waffle white chocolate cookie + Nutella toasted almond ice cream.
Both the ice cream and the cookies at Coolhaus are inventive and delectable. Even I'm willing to wait in line for Coolhaus.


  1. Oh, my goodness. Those look delicious. And, they have sandwiches w/ foie gras? That sounds ridiculously awesome.

  2. Wow -- my mouth is watering!

  3. Love Coolhaus. Only tried them once, but I see them around a lot.

  4. i've eaten there once and it was just delicious. so much ice cream though i could barely finish it, haha.

  5. Ah - I've never had Coolhaus and that's like the only truck I really want to try and I've never seen them! Fortunately I'll be able to taste one at their brick and mortar which should be opening any day now! Whee! Exclamation points!

  6. i must admit they are good, if pricey. they sell the sandwiches at the cafe at school and i think a few other select places. LOVE the mint chip with bits of real mint in it and no neon green color.

  7. I want one of those ice-cream sandwiches right now!


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