Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bring the Noise: Bottega Louie

Many people complain about the noise at Bottega Louie.

I love the noise. I love the low roar of scores of simultaneous conversations. I love the clacking of stiletto heels on the cold white marble floors. I love the clanging of the pans. I love the clinking of the glasses. I love all the echoes magnified by the high ceiling, ringing throughout the luminous space.

Bottega Louie is vibrant. Bottega Louie is alive.

The last time I blogged about Bottega Louie was more than two years ago when I first tried it and ate there twice in one week. I loved it that much. Immediately.

I particularly enjoy Bottega Louie for brunch, when daylight infuses the restaurant with a captivating soft glow.
bottega louie 009bottega louie 010
I love the bottles of water on the table. I love the orange seasoned salt.

My friend got a Kobe beef hamburger with Bibb lettuce, Brandywine tomato, red onion, and fries ($15).
bottega louie 011
Look at that glistening fresh bun!

I devoured a breakfast flatbread with proscuitto, mozzarella, baked egg, and arugula ($8).
bottega louie 019
Brunch for just $8! Can you see why I love this place?

My friend's kid destroyed some scrambled eggs and toast.
bottega louie 015
Even kids get fancy blueberry butter for their toast.

My friend gave her kid this stunning cupcake, too. It was so delicate. It was so pretty.
bottega louie 023
bottega louie 024bottega louie 026
bottega louie 027bottega louie 028
You have no idea how horrified I was to witness this. I did not love the demolition.

I love ogling at all the goodies in the bakery of Bottega Louie.
bottega louie 033
bottega louie 034
bottega louie 035
One night, after dinner at Sugarfish across the street, I bought a perfect brilliant green pistachio cupcake. I savored it slowly and thoughtfully -- the way a work of art should be appreciated.


  1. I'm of the Bottega Louie is too loud camp. I do think the space is gorgeous and love the variety of pastries. Packaging is great too. But it's still TOO LOUD for me.

  2. I want portobello mushrooms so bad it hurts right now.

  3. We very much enjoyed Bottega Louie when we took your rec and went there too!

  4. so pretty. all the food i've had is fine. the service i've had there is horrendous.

  5. This was Louie's fault. How else was mini-Glam supposed to get to the cream center? Life is too short to eat cake. She only eats frosting.


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