Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dairy Dreams and More: Milk

If you've been a loyal reader for a few years, you already know that I adore Milk.
milk 163
milk 132
But, while I've shared my experiences with Milk's desserts several times in the past, I never showed you Milk's savory offerings.

Manchego cheese and whole wheat grain salad with baby arugula, select seasonal fruit, dates, caramelized walnuts and walnut vinaigrette ($12).
milk 147
A salad that will actually make you go, "Ohhh, yeah!"

Medianoche -- roasted pulled pork and ham with Manchego cheese, pickles, and roasted garlic mayo ($12.50).
milk 153
Fresh, pressed, hot, meaty, and cheesy.

As pleasant as the salads and sandwiches are, we all know what Milk does the best!
milk 137
milk 142
milk 139
Are you drooling yet?

Ice cream sandwiches are $4.50 each. Giant macarons with gobs of ice cream!
milk 159
milk 160
Our red velvet and peanut chocolate chip sandwiches were fantastic. They always are.


  1. I am still drooling from your original Milk posts. This has just enhanced my need to go there immediately!

  2. Word. Those ice cream sandwiches look so beautiful and delicious! I like the idea of using macaron shells. Gotta get one.

  3. I could really get into those savory options!

  4. One place I need to try before I move from LA sometime in the distant future

  5. i need to go again. soon. the milkshakes/malts are so good, too.


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