Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Louie Louie

I am all out of order. You guys will just have to guess when I did whatever I did because I don't care about correct chronology anymore. But I don't think you care either. You just care about having something to read. I know your type.
bottega louie 002
A few weeks ago, we tried Bottega Louie...twice in the same week. We liked it that much, and, when we find something we like (especially within walking distance), we tend to go a lot. The photos in this post are from these two visits (once with Mr. Monkey's co-workers, once with Mr. Monkey's family).

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
bottega louie 001
Our new friend is grand, high-ceilinged, marble-floored, and multifaceted. Our new friend is incredibly gorgeous and expansive. Our new friend is pretty damn rad, even if our new friend is rather noisy because of its grandness.
bottega louie 004
bottega louie 003
bottega louie 006
bottega louie 034
bottega louie 035
bottega louie 036
bottega louie 005
bottega louie 029
bottega louie 033
bottega louie 002
bottega louie 007
bottega louie 026
bottega louie 004
bottega louie 009

Bottega Louie offers a nice selection of bottled soda with real cane sugar ($3).
bottega louie 017bottega louie 011
We sampled Bubble Up, Boylan's Grape Soda, and Moxie Orange Cream Soda.

Brussels sprouts with almonds ($6).
bottega louie 013
Tasty, which is kind of amazing because I'm not usually a fan of Brussels sprouts.

Marinated shrimp with chickpeas ($8).
bottega louie 014
Well-seasoned and well-intentioned, but just not *quite* there.

Portobello fries ($8).
bottega louie 023
Interesting and crunchtastic. I'm not into mushrooms either, and I liked 'em.

French fries ($6).
bottega louie 012
Crazy delicious, super garlicky sticks of goodness.

Fried calamari ($7).
bottega louie 015
Hard to mess up. And Louie didn't.

Bianco pizza with ricotta, mozzarella, granna parmesana, garlic, and rocket arugula ($14).
bottega louie 011
Loooooved this. Crispy, thin, just enough cheese, and awesome flavor.

Sausage pizza with fennel sausage, tomato sauce, and mozzarella ($14).
bottega louie 029
Not nearly as good as the Bianco. Oddly much thicker. Chewy.

Chicken parmesan breaded and oven-baked with pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, and Reggiano parmesan ($15).
bottega louie 018
Nothing out-of-the-ordinary, but simple and well-executed.

Trenne pasta with braised rib-eye and Tuscan black kale ($12).
bottega louie 021
Yum yum yum. The rib-eye was tender. The sauce was rich and meaty. The pasta was surprisingly crunchy, which I found odd at first, but then I really liked it. 'Twas a little much that every single tube of pasta was crunchy, though. It would've been perfect if just the top layer were crunchy and the rest al dente. Nevertheless, this was a winner.

Three Kurobuta pork chops with housemade applesauce ($14).
bottega louie 023
bottega louie 024
My other winning pick. So juicy and savory that I preferred it without any applesauce. Big thumbs up.

Penne gamber pasta with jumbo shrimp, broccolini, oven-roasted tomatoes in a garlic and olive oil broth ($12).
bottega louie 017
Light and pleasant.

Ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta in a light cream sauce with pancetta, sage, and peas ($12).
bottega louie 018
Didn't have any, so I can't comment. Sister-in-law seemed to like it.

Spaghetti bolognese with traditional meat sauce ($8).
bottega louie 020
Didn't have any, so I can't comment. Little Monkey Niece seemed to like it.

We didn't leave empty-handed either visit. I mean, did you see the patisserie?
bottega louie 033
bottega louie 042
The first time we went, as I was taking photos, a friendly patisserie worker told me she had just one napoleon left and asked if I'd like it gratis. Yes, please!
bottega louie 038
Mr. Monkey ate the napoleon. He said it was delicious. He also really enjoyed a key lime tart after our second visit, while I noshed on a yummy pistachio eclair. Both are pictured earlier in this post in their patisserie glass home.

My fave treats, however, were these.
macarons 002
I have a serious macaron problem. We got a baker's dozen, and I ate...um...nine. They tasted as exquisite as they looked.

Now we just have to come back for breakfast.


  1. Excellent photos, Rivers. I've read so much about this place, but couldn't really imagine it. Your images put me right smack in Louie Louie HQ. Now, I must go.

  2. Dylan and I have been sneaking off to Bottega Louie for some late night pizza right before they close. But I'm always missing out on their pastries.

    Stunning photos girl. So crisp and clean!

    BTW, I was watching Weezer in Japan and I totally thought of you.

  3. I haven't been yet, but when it opened I thought about the DDL Foodshow (25 years ago?).

    Terrific photos! Can't wait to try it.

  4. We care about the pictures too--you can't forget about those.

    On a completely unrelated note: have you eaten at that food truck that serves a combination of Korean and Mexican food? I can't remember the name of it, but it is apparently all the rage--I saw a story about it on Nightline (:

  5. I just replied to your comment about how you haven't tried Scoops. But get this: I have never had a macaron! I KNOW, you don't even have to say anything; I am well aware of how unfortunate it is that I have yet to consume a single macaron. I want to, I just haven't yet!

  6. Gastronomer: It's such a beautiful space! The only problem is the din that results from the combo of marble and high ceilings!

    Oishii: Wait 'til you see what I can do with my 35mm! Heh heh heh. ;) I'm not sure how I lived without a prime lens -- what a difference!

    MLB: Thank you! And I love your blog!

    mbfs: Kogi!

    Marie: In response to mbfs's question and to make you feel better, I still haven't tried the Kogi truck! I hope you and I both rectify our macaron-less and Kogi-less lives soon.

  7. I have a thing for high ceilings. I'm already in love. The pastries look divine. [drooling]

  8. You know I was super excited when I saw the title of this post! I love love love macarons. I'm sad that my louie won't be able to visit this louie.

  9. 1) I firmly believe people only think they don't like brussels sprouts - when prepared well they are little buttery bubbles of joy.
    2) I am impressed you even tried the portobello fries, I could see you taking a pass on anything mushroom.
    3)I'm drooling over the kurobuta pork...I might make the hubs take me out for some really soon.
    4)Even before scrolling down to the picture I knew the macarons were going to be your fave. We just got a fantastic macaron place by me, but have you had the ones from the ferry building in SF?

  10. I have a date to go here with a friend in a couple of weekends. I'm so excited now. These days, when looking for good eats, I check your blog before Yelp and Chowhound. Sometimes, I check you before Google. :D

  11. taters and I were just talking about this place yesterday. We might end up meeting up for breakfast on Sat if you're game. I've been CRAVING for some macarons and need to purchase some for the road.

    Wanna join?

  12. ugh so pretty. so european. so must go soon. love all the white.

    (i think lilcee is going on saturday, but i can only go if i'm done with my portfolio by then. fat chance of that happening.)

  13. agree with venn's post below. ;-) i love getting the foodie scoop from your blog! p.s. drove by wood spoon recently and thought of you! was sad i couldn't stop to try some deliciousness..

  14. I would have a serious macaron problem, too, if I could find a bloody place to buy them on a regular basis. And not those vegan crappy macarons--I want the real thing. I am intrigued by the bright multi-colors. Were they different flavors?

  15. you know how I feel about macarons. we are tight.

  16. I kept hearing the buzz but now that I've seen pictures of the space and the food! Now I get why people have been going crazy!

  17. Erin: Yes, they were different flavors!

  18. CreedMonkey, i think we're addicted to the pizzas. we've already been twice and haven't sat past the bar haha.

  19. you had me at "patisserie," despite my lack of appreciation for macarons.

  20. thats ssssssoooo weird, Bottega Louie looks just like the inside of my house!!!!

  21. I LOVE that you ate 9 of the macaroons. That is why I find you endearing.

  22. P.S. Love LMN's face in the back of the sausage pizza pic. ;)

  23. Wow, looks fabulous! I agree -- great photos!!

  24. wow... you got some great shots in this one!

  25. i have been dying to go to bottega louie...DYING!!! and now after this post, i really gotta go. like now!

    oh btw, i haven't tried kogi yet either. shhhh... :)

  26. This place looks amazing. I've already mentioned to Jim and we need to do dinner there one night after work.

    The macaroons are sooo pretty!


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