Monday, October 24, 2011

Organic Vegetarian Japanese: Shojin

Nestled in the Little Tokyo Shopping Center is an organic natural oasis of vegetarian Japanese cuisine.
shojin 002shojin 004
shojin 003shojin 005
It's called Shojin, and, if you or your friends are vegetarians, you should really visit.

Cranberry and apple detox ($3.95).
shojin 019
I'm not really sure how this drink "detoxes," but I found it just sweet enough and rather refreshing. The menu told me it was "pure, raw, natural, unrefined, and chemical-free." Sounds good to me!

Yuzu ponzu seitan -- pan-fried seitan with grated seitan and yuzu citrus soy sauce ($6.95).
shojin 021
Delightfully chewy.

Pumpkin croquette -- crunchy pumpkin and tofu croquette with Shojin homemade tomato sauce ($6.95).
shojin 023
shojin 030
It's fried! How can you go wrong? Yummeh!

Okara cake -- deep-fried vegan cake made with soybeans, cashews, shiitake mushrooms, and garlic ($6.95).
shojin 033
Another fried treat! The texture might not appeal to everyone, but I liked these cakes.

Avocado and tomato soba -- buckwheat noodles in cold soup topped with mixed greens, avocados, tomatoes, kaiware and wasabi mayonnaise ($10.50).
shojin 040
shojin 044
I'm generally not a fan of cold noodles, but we did have this on a warm day, so it made sense. My friend H.C., who frequents Shojin, liked this a lot.

Spicy roll -- cucumber, avocado, and shiso roll with wasabi mayo and spicy sauce ($5.75).
shojin 039
Not particularly interesting but fine.

Cheesecake with triple berries ($6.95).
shojin 049shojin 053
shojin 052
This looks so cute, right? Sadly, it turns out the vegan desserts suck. Blech.

Shojin Tropico -- yellow sponge cake with a hint of key lime, layered with coconut cream, mango confit, topped with toasted coconut, and served with vanilla ice cream ($7.75).
shojin 056
Better. But still not worth your time. Go elsewhere for sweets!

Shojin is special. I'm not aware of any other restaurant like it. It's not something I would eat every day because -- let's be real here -- the food is not as flavor-packed as meat-laden meals are.

And you know I like flavor.

It is, however, a great place for a nice light break from eating animals and animal products. Bring your vegetarian and vegan friends here. They'll like it, and you will, too.


  1. Vegetarian AND vegan? A double whammy ... although, I do find that a lot of vegetarian/vegan places aren't THAT healthy because if you don't choose wisely, a lot of items are deep fried!

    Too bas the desserts sucked. They look so cute and with so much potential.

  2. ::runs through::


    blech! (but might spice up vegetarian/vegan japanese food...japanese flavors are already so subtle-bordering-on-bland!)

    ::runs out::

  3. the desserts have kinda gone downhill since the last pastry chef left. :-\ but glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

  4. Meat! Meat! Meat!

    Actually, I took my (vegetarian) parents here once and I thought it was decent :)


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