Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Power Lunch: Drago Centro

The service at Drago Centro always disappoints me, but I keep going back for the food because the food has never let me down.

It's even better when your old co-workers expense your lunch as "business development." Booyeah!

Sunny side egg, cippolini, chanterelle, salsa verde.
drago centro 007

Beef carpaccio, candied pine nuts, olives, tomato.
drago centro 010

Roasted beets, pine nuts, chile vinaigrette, goat cheese.
drago centro 011

Wild mushroom risotto, Gorgonzola cream.
drago centro 013

Salmon, balsamic radicchio, pomme puree, heirloom tomatoes.
drago centro 017

Rigatoni pasta, spicy lamb ragout, Swiss chard.
drago centro 019

Corn panna cotta, blueberries.
drago centro 021

Almond semifreddo, flambeed banana.
drago centro 022

Chocolate, olive oil terrine, candied hazelnuts.
drago centro 025
Special thanks to my pals Pescado and BPLJ for this midday feast!


  1. that carpaccio is crazy good. we should eat it together (along with those funny tweeters but I don't know them so maybe we should wait & see if any of them are arrested first. we don't wanna end up as carpaccio.)

  2. Yay for Drago! One of my high school friends is ous chef there. I only work a few blocks away, I should go there more often.

  3. It does say a lot when you return to a place multiple times. And I don't mean the "everybody" you, I mean the "you" you.


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